Thursday, July 29, 2010


Kristen says...

Ahh, the glorious firsts! Well, some are glorious, and some...not so much. For instance, on our first day in Honduras we had our first pupusas. That was a FANTASTIC first. So was our first trip to Roatán, our first scuba diving experience, and the first time we got to connect with our families on Skype. Oh, yeah, and on Monday, the first time an airline said, "Yes, we can ship your dog to Honduras, no problem." That was a happy-tear inducing first. (He'll be here next Wednesday!!! I will try to get our camera fixed by then so I can put up pictures.)

Some firsts are Chris' first day on the job. Sometimes the Internet worked, sometimes week (BlackBerry providing) will be his first remote "on call" experience...keep your fingers crossed that it works!!

Some not-so-glorious firsts? Well, there was the first time we were frustrated in conversation when we realized whomever we were trying to talk to had NO idea what we were saying. There was the first time we got lost driving in Tegus. And, today, there was the first time that Wilmer had to knock on the door and mime to us that we had a flat tire.

I HATE FLAT TIRES! They happen at the most inopportune times! For instance, there was the time that we were headed home from Des Moines to Oskaloosa for Homecoming and to watch my little brother play and my dad coach. Oh, and I (as a journalism major) was doing a radio story on the game. We made it with just a quarter left to play...
Chris changing the tire on the way to the football (not fútbol) game

Or, there was the time that my sister Rebecca, her husband Jay, Chris, and I drove to Toronto and Niagara Falls. We were tired, we were packed to the gills, and we were stuck in the same day. Then, to add insult to injury, just as traffic began moving for the 2nd time that day, "pssssssssssstttttttttt." Flat tire. Sigh.

Left: The car, fully packed.

Right: The car, unpacked, and the boys changing the tire...see the traffic in the distance? It was backed up for KILOMETERS!

So anyway, this morning we had a flat tire. It was really quite painless, as far as flats go...well, it was painless for us, because Wilmer a) told us about it before we had to go downstairs to go somewhere and be mad about the flat, b) got out the jack and took off the old tire and put on the spare, c) took a taxi and the tire to a tire place and got it fixed, and d) put the tire back on and the spare away, all without us having to do anything about it. All we did was pay for the plug in the tire and his taxi ride. Turns out there was an inch-and-a-half-long nail in the tire...nothing on the 3-inch screw from the Niagara trip, but still, significant.

Whether or not we have to do the work, it is still crappy to have a flat tire. And I labeled this one a first because, seriously, have you ever seen the roads in Tegus? I'm not trying to dis the city but, well, to put it into perspective for you, I was perusing a book about Tegucigalpa in a bookstore the other day, and they had an entire page dedicated to the potholes. People down here steal manhole covers to sell for scrap metal. The streets are not in the best condition here...even worse than Des Moines after a long, salty-snow filled winter. If I had my camera I'd run out and take a picture of the epic pothole just outside the front door of our place...just Google search the words pothole + Tegucigalpa + Honduras and see all the comments people make. It leads me to think, when, not if, will the next flat occur?

Those of you in Honduras? Any suggestions to beat the flat-tire curse?

Anyway...I had another first yesterday...I spent an hour and a half in my classroom! School starts next Monday (for teachers), with the kids coming in a week and half after that. I've heard that one of my teacherly duties down here will to keep up a classroom blog...if that's the case, my personal blogging time might suffer, but I will try to keep ¿Teguci What? as up-to-date as possible...or I may link to my school blog, if any of you care to hear what life is like in an American School in Honduras... :)

For now, I am enjoying my last days school-free. Today has been quite nice, the weather is cool, the Internet has been working steadily, and there is a happy group of school-children cheering each other on (literally, they are doing softball-like clapping and rhythmic cheers) at the soccer field next door. They are so excited about the game, for each other...the walls almost shake when someone scores a goal! It's making me excited for next week, but until then, ahh, summer bliss!

Hope you have some positive firsts in your life...and seriously, I'd love to know how you avoid potholes! :)



  1. I've never had a flat tire here! *knock on wood* Although you know they are a major problem without having to ask because there are tire repair shops on every corner haha.

    But in all honesty, the potholes are better right now than they were last year or anytime before that. The mayor is making a real effort to fix the roads...thank goodness! :)

  2. Yes, I saw an article about that yesterday...and really, if you're paying attention, it's not too hard to miss them (as long as you don't meet someone else coming down the road, also trying to miss them :)

  3. I can't believe Hannah has never had a flat tire in Honduras! We've had...oh, 15-16, I guess.

    Number of flat tires before coming to Honduras? Maybe one. Everyone has had at least one flat tire, right?

  4. We've now had 3 in 3 days...I'll be ok if this trend stops :)


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