Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is it really already September?!

8/9/10 (Haha didn't notice that until just now!)
Kristen says...

Well, I really apologize. I hope you haven't been logging on every day since our last post, feverishly hoping for an update, and being sadly disappointed...I thought I had warned you that I was going to be crazy-bad a updating once school began, but I think I left that important information out...I was probably too busy to remember to post it!

At any rate, the life of Chris and Kristen in Tegucigalpa has been pretty mundane lately, without much to blog about...

We are settling into our work-and-school-week routine quite well, with Chris getting up WAY too early (like, 5:30ish some days) and me steadfastly refusing to get out of bed before the alarm goes off at 6:05...Chris is in his office working by 6:10 (7:10 Iowa-time), and I am on the road to school usually between 6:45 and 6:55. (I don't have to be at school until 7:30, but I like my few minutes of quiet before the kids come!)

School is over for me at 3:30 most days, unless I need to stay to finish up some grading, a meeting, or my Wednesday night English conversation group, but I am usually still home by 4:30 at the very latest, if I come straight home. VERY rarely I'll pop over to Pais or La Colonia (grocery stores) to pick up something for dinner...more often, if we don't have much food in the house or need to go pick something up (for instance, tonight we needed to go buy a new cookie sheet) Chris and I will go out together to get dinner and whatever else we "need".

Yes, you read right, Pip is FINALLY settling down enough to spend time alone in his kennel so we can both be out of the house together. It was a tough battle, but he is finally relaxing! Yay!

Here are a couple other places he likes to relax:

He picks some of the weirdest places! Under Chris' desk, on the couch like a cat, under my skirts in the closet (look for the white around his black nose) and, what I think has to be the most uncomfortable, on top of our shoes!?!

So now that Pip has gotten his Chi back, we have gotten our lives back...kind of...because really we spend most of the work-week, well, working (go figure! ) and most of the weekends sleeping!

For example, this past weekend:Aren't they cute?

Beyond the sleeping and working, we have managed to spend a bit of time with friends...most notably we went out with a group of US-citizens last Friday for dinner, and would have been to Tela over (Chris') long holiday weekend (Happy Labor Day week, those of you in the United States) if we'd had someone to leave Pip with...

Next week is my (first) long Holiday weekend (Feliz Dia de la Independencia, HondureƱos!), but I don't think we're going anywhere for that one, either, because Chris will still be working. Maybe we will fit in a dog-friendly day-trip?

Anyway, that's about all the news that's fit to print in our lives. We passed the 2-month mark of our being in Honduras on Monday, and so far, I have very few complaints. We are both very happy here, and very much enjoying it. There are some things I know I am missing, but my sister Michelle is coming (hopefully!) to visit in October, so I know I can have her bring down the few things I "can't live without" until we go back home for a visit in December!

Hope your lives are going well...I know it has been very rainy both in Iowa and Honduras lately, so I hope everyone is staying as dry as possible!


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