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Well, it's October. USUALLY this is my favorite month, for a multitude of reasons. First, it's my birthday month! Second, it's fall! and Third, it's football!

This October might be different...but I'll let Chris tell you about it when he wants to.

My focus for this posting actually happened last month, in September. The computers teacher at school very kindly offered to take the new teachers (and really any other teachers who wanted to go) to some of the museums in Tegucigalpa.

This was great! news to me for a number of reasons. First of all, I LOVE museums, especially since I worked a few in Des Moines. Secondly, Teguc isn't really what you'd call a "tourist" town...the places to go (for crazy Gringos like us) are slightly's pretty much Mayoreo or the mall, unless you're in a group. So the chance to get to go tour the museums was quite welcome.

Of course, I had already been to one museum, the MIN (Museo para la Identidad Nacional), for an exhibit opening. The MIN was the first museum we went on the tour:Unfortunately, they wouldn't let me take pictures you'll just have to see the pretty outside...or come visit me so I can take you there! :)

Inside the MIN we got to tour the exhibit I went to the opening for, and another of photographs of Taiwan, both which were being taken out the next day to make room for a fund-raiser auction that is going on starting later this month. We also got to see the Virtual Copán tour, which was really neat, but in Spanish, so of course I understood very little.

Also, there is a fascinating permanent exhibit that details the history of Honduras from Pangaea (did you know that Honduras actually rose out of the ocean? Because it totally did!) to today. It was all there...pirates, bananas, and past presidents. Again, it was all in Spanish, but we had a FABULOUS guide who was very kind and explained everything we asked about.

After leaving the MIN, we went to a local restaurant for delicious traditional Honduran meals. I say meals because I think we all ate more than one meal's worth of food. I ordered a typical plate with beef (I love the beef down here--perfectly seasoned and always well done!), fried plantains with chismol (think pico de gallo but WAY better!), and rice. If that wasn't enough, even before that food came we all shared 3 types of tamales (the best I've EVER had, by the way...usually I don't really care for tamales) and a corn and honey based desert-type food.

So we were all uncomfortably full when we left to go to a nice hill-side park downtown. Here are a few pictures of Teguc from this beautiful locale:

After this stomach-settling vista, we went to a neat (and free!) museum that ties Spain and Honduras together:
The museum was small, and they were in the middle of changing out exhibits, so we didn't stay long, but I did get a snap of the out-going exhibit and the cool "door art" that I will be re-taking with my high-pixel camera (which is coming later this month!!!)

Starting to get sleepy from the big lunch, we moseyed on to our third and final museum. Ok, well this was actually called an art gallery, but it was museum-y enough for me:
We had a lovely time wandering through this fabulous place, and my favorite thing about it was that we could take pictures!! Even with just the crappy little BB camera, I think I got a few good shots:

Even the floors and the signs telling you what was in each of the rooms were artistic:

We had a really great time, and Chris even made a new friend!

Well, I think we're all caught up now...I don't know that there is anything else we have done that I haven't blogged about, except our monthly visit to an orphanage just outside the city...and since we are going again this Sunday...well that will give you something to look forward to. :)


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