Thursday, May 19, 2011

Betcha You Thought We'd Forgotten About the Blog!

Kristen says...

Well, we didn't! (Or, I guess, I didn't!)

I wish I had a nickel (or a Lempira, as I live in Honduras now--it's the same amount of money) for every time I've thought about this blog and how I should be updating it since the last post 15 days ago...with all that money I would be able to go shopping!

We haven't forgotten, life has just gotten in the way of life...if you know what I mean!

It's been very busy around the Fink Hondo-home lately...some highlights:

-Planning our summer trip home to Iowa!! (June 14!!!! I am so excited!!! :)

-Pip's tooth extraction (His bad breath got REALLY bad last week, so I checked his mouth, and poor baby had a rotten tooth...he got that out on Tuesday and is doing fine...especially at night when we give him his pain medicine!)

-End of the school year (OK, full disclosure, this is really the big issue. School is always on my mind, and especially now that we're in the final stretch...just 14 more days, I'm told...and I have to write final exams, recuperation exams, and do grades in two different ways to satisfy two different countries' all the regular planning on the side. So, if I'm not eating, sleeping, or teaching, I'm pretty much planning. Oh yeah, and working on revising the curriculum for the classes I'm teaching next year. I love it! (But I'm so busy!!)

So, there you have it...not forgotten, the bloggy is always in the back of my mind...I promise I will be better at updating the blog soon!


Monday, May 2, 2011

No More Esmoke!

Kristen says...

Yay! For those of you who were worried about my respiratory health, I went to La Ceiba for the weekend (more on that in a [hopefully near] future post) and when I came back...
Oh, are those mountains I see?
Sunny skies and white fluffy clouds!

Scroll down past all the pretty carpets or click here if you need a reminder of what "esmoke" weather looks like! Ewwww!