Monday, February 17, 2014

Some Vladivostok Sights: Submarine Museum, Funicular, and More!

Kristen says...

I know that this may seem a little strange given that we've been here for over a year now, and Vladivostok is not known as a tourism destination, but there are a lot of things here that we haven't seen!

TripAdvisor actually has 53 "Things to Do" listed in Vladivostok, which is pretty cool (even if a few of them are actually duplicates).

This weekend, thanks to a visiting TDYer (temporary duty) wanting to see the city, we had a legit reason to visit four of them, three of which were new to us and one we saw in a new way...

Saturday just after lunch we met our friend downtown at the S-56 Submarine Museum, an old Soviet sub that for 100 Rubles (150 if you want to take pictures) you can travel through at your leisure.
The sub is located right next to Vlad's WWII monument. which you can see in the background
 The museum had two distinct parts. The first part was wide and full of memorabilia and artifacts.
The inside of the first part of the museum
Chris and the proletariat flag
Pegged chess board used by sailors at sea
The face that inspired millions of Russians to join the armed forces--you can think of it as the Soviet version of Uncle Sam
A model of the submarine
 The second part, accessed through a series of portholes, consisted of the engine room, the cabin for probably an officer, and finally the bunks for the regular seamen which were, apparently, in the same place as the arsenal...yikes!
Through the porthole!
Coming in from the other side
 Engine room:
Chris at the helm

It's always funny to see this type of thing in Russian rather than English
Cabin for someone who wanted to be comfortable:

Requisite picture of Stalin outside the comfy bunk
And the bunks for the regular guys...and the weapons!

Not so comfortable
After we left the submarine we walked across the street to look at the chilly Amur Bay...I don't think now is the best time for a swim!
 From there we headed to another Vladivostok sight, the Funicular railroad:
 For a mere 9 Rubles we rode the historic trolley car up the hill toward destination #3!

Happy Valentine's Day from Vladivostok!
I was planning to save this sight for a visit from one of my brothers who is a student of languages, but since he assures me he will not be able to make it over was a nice day to check out the Eagle's Nest Mount viewpoint and monument to Cyril and Methodius:
Notice all the locks from happy couples along the railing--we even saw a bride and groom getting their picture taken there
 The view was, predictably, breathtaking:
 And an excellent place to get an updated picture of Chris and myself, hooray!
 Also, there was a 10-ft inflatable tall matryoshka doll...awesome!
Love you, Vladivostok!
So that was a fun day...and, despite the heavy-duty coats and gloves, it was relatively warm...I think it topped out at 34°F!! Heat wave! :)

Of course, the fun didn't stop there, but this blog post will...don't worry, more to come, later.


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