Saturday, August 9, 2014

The August Break Day 9: In My Bag

Kristen says...

I do not love grocery shopping. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, I just find it a tedious, never-ending chore, like doing the laundry or loading the dishwasher. It is also so, so annoying when, as has happened the past THREE TIMES, I forget something and have to go back. 

Which of course happened today as we prepared for our weekend barbeque. 

It's not like I forgot something unimportant like a condiment or a beverage, I forgot the charcoal and the lighter fluid. Oops. :)

I try to remeber to bring my own bag when I go shopping, mostly because I like to save the plastic trees, but also because they charge for the bags here and I'm cheap. :)

So, here's what was in my bag after a typical weekend grocery run:
-apples (we are anticipating having trouble finding apples here in the near future, so I stocked up to make a giant batch if applesauce to freeze)
-cranberry juice
-cheese (English cheddar, so, so good!)
-heavy cream (I made strawberry shorkcake, yum!
-carrot, potatoes and onion for my veggie packets
-beer (for Chris not me, I'm a teetotaler) 
-white asparagus

Weird looking, isn't it?

I never knew that asparagus came in any other color than green--apparently the white color comes from the asparagus being grown in complete darkness, thus not allowing photosynthesis to take place...interesting, no?

And then I went home, realized I'd forgotten the most important stuff, and turned around and went right back. Le sigh. 


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