Friday, May 21, 2010

Update: We are still moving to Honduras! :)

May 21, 2010
Kristen says:

Hello faithful follower(s)!

Sorry for the long blog hiatus, but this first year teacher/planning a move to Honduras/totally busy life thing is really slowing down my blogging! However, with just 8 days! left in school (and only 3 more days to actually plan a lesson for due to fun end-of-the-year projects and 2 days of finals) I finally have time to slow down, catch my breath, and update you on our moving to Honduras progress...

What we know:
-Our plane leaves Des Moines at aprox. 6:30 AM on July 6. Threeish hours later we will be in Houston, have a slight layover, and will arrive in Tegus in the early afternoon of that same day, about 3 hours after leaving Houston.
-We are excited! (It comes in spurts, but I alternate between totally terrified and over-the-moon excited. More excited, today.)
-I have a job in Honduras! Woot! :)
-I have curriculum. Bigger woot! (There is a lack of curriculum at my school right now--I hear they are changing that this summer, and it was actually ok for a person like me who likes to be in control, but it is refreshing to know exactly what I'm expected to teach next year.)
-We're getting our first round of inoculations on Monday. (Perspective cost? $100/shot. Probably looking at something like $1000 apiece. Wow.)
-I get to "meet" one of my classes for next year on June 7! (Discovery School has "Fly Up" day for their 5th graders, and I get to have a Skype conference with them! I can't wait to talk to them! It will make this all so much more real, I think, and will be good for our relationship building too. I plan to come up with 3-4 questions I want to ask them: their favorite thing about Tegus, their favorite thing about Discovery, etc.)

What we don't know:
-Where we will be living in the city. (We've requested a 2-bedroom apt or small house, but they haven't gotten back to us yet about exactly where that will be).
-How we will get around Tegus (we are either going to buy a Jeep or lease something Jeep-like for maximum traveling ability)
-Spanish! :-S (The business has also led to a lack of practico del espaƱ goal is to practice 2 hours a day in June...)
-If our dog can come. (Ok so we actually know that, what we don't know is if he can come right away...we have to get an import permit for him to come into Honduras--the problem is that we have to have it when we get there, and we can't get it without being, either someone from the school will have to get it for us and either mail it or meet us at the airport with it, or...Pip may be making a separate trip from us -- NOT what this doggy-mom wants, I assure you.)
-What we are taking with us. (My list: dog, clothes, books. Chris' list: ) Haha just kidding. He will be taking more than nothing, we just pack differently. I like STUFF, he likes, well, non-stuff. We are doing a great job of not fighting over this, but with 1000+ books, it's hard to know what to keep and what to toss...
-Whether we will take Malaria drugs or not. (Is this as big of a deal as I'm making it?)
-When we are coming home. (We got a really good deal on our trip down there. Flights home for Christmas are, well, outrageous. Remember how much we're paying for vaccinations...?)

So that's where we are at. Any suggestions/thoughts/ideas on any of this stuff would be appreciated. I wish I knew how to contact some of the people who make comments on our blogs without just adding another comment after theirs. I never know if they are getting the message that I read and appreciated their comment, and hope to have more in the future. So, if you've commented, THANKS! Keep it up! I love other people's ideas! :)

Have an excellent weekend...I will let you know next week how the shots go!


  1. Looking forward to meeting you here sometime. Enjoy the preparations.


  2. That's so exciting!! I wish I was going back to Honduras as soon as you are.

  3. Hi Kristin! I left some advice about the shots on your last article. I hope that you'll take a look before you start on Monday.

    I also mentioned our Honduras Living discussion group. We have several teachers on this group and others who live in Tegus. It's a good place to ask any questions that you have and I know everyone moving to another country has tons of questions.

    You can join our group at the link on my blog. We've recently had some discussion about teaching in Honduras/what to bring/etc. that I think you will find very helpful.

    Best of luck to you and I look forward to following your adventures.


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