Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nothing New...

Kristen says...

Hi everyone! Hopefully you've had a chance to watch the video or peek at the pictures from our trip to the Lago and behind the waterfall...

After those two weekend of fun fun fun, we've now had two weekends of lame, lame, lame! Why? Because our car broke...again!

Luckily it's not the tires again (we actually had a bulge in one a few weeks ago and had to replace it). This time it's the transmission!

Apparently this is a "problem" with the type of car we have, so Chris at least, wasn't wholly surprised. It all began LAST Saturday, when a couple friends and we went to the local pewter factory to buy lots of awesome heavy pewter things we don't need. As we were dropping them off at their respective houses, Chris started doing things like turning the car off and on and making a worried face...especially when he was flooring it up a hill and we were barely moving...

Anyway, we got onto the main boulevard near our house (totally clogged by massive traffic, of course), and I really thought we were going to be stranded. Luckily, by the grace of God and Honda we did make it home, but as Chris was backing it in and out of our allotted parking spot, the "go forward" part of the transmission decided not to go forward anymore. The car would back perfectly, but forward...not so much.

So we called the mechanic. On Saturday afternoon. On a Honduran holiday weekend.

He came to look at it...on TUESDAY!

He towed it away on a flatbed...on THURSDAY!

Chris texted him today...we should have it back...on THURSDAY!

That means we've been existing without a car for over a week now, and it is driving me CRAZY!!!!!

Luckily we have awesome friends who have been taking me to school and to important places like the pharmacy and grocery stores, but it takes losing your car for this long to realize how much you appreciate freedom of movement!!

On the bright side, being confined to the house meant I had a very productive weekend...I did my lesson plans, my school blog post, rough drafts of my narratives for this week's midterm grades, and sketched out what I'm going to teach between now and Christmas...

I also watched a couple more capitulos of "La Mentira" (I'm ready for 19/100) and tatted a bit...but I'm not putting pictures up because what I made is a gift and a you'll get to see the finished product in December!

Anyway, hope you are all having a good weekend, and if you get Monday, off, enjoy it! (I don't get this Monday off, but that's ok, I have the next two off! :)


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