Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Oh We're in Iowa, Iowa!"

Kristen says...

Greetings from Iowa! After a "grueling" 2-day 2-flight trip (thanks again Delta, for splitting our trip up after we'd paid for a straight-through trip, not paying for our hotel, AND making us pay for the three bags we brought home since we had to claim our luggage and re-check it for the second leg of our flight. You are no longer my airline of choice, even if you did get me my dog a year and a half ago...) we are home!

We've already had a great time: we spent all day Saturday with my sister, her husband and my nephew Ezra, and then today with Chris' family in the morning and my parents this evening. So far I've seen 2 of my 4 siblings, and will connect with my other sister tomorrow and my brother who lives in Memphis will be here with his wife and my soon-to-be niece or nephew on Tuesday! We helped hang greenery at Chris' parents' church this morning, and put up Mom and Dad's tree tonight, so we're already in the holiday spirit! It (finally) feels like Christmas!

Hope you are all having a great week before Christmas (or before you get a day or so off of work)!


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