Saturday, September 15, 2012

Check that off the list...

Kristen says...

First of all, Feliz Dia de la Independenca, Honduras! And long may your banner proudly wave!

Even though we're in full-on "We're moving to Russia" mode, our Honduran past keeps sneaking up on us...

For example:
-Spanish is everywhere! Quite often I hear someone speaking Spanish and try to listen in just to keep the language "fresh" (even though I probably shouldn't because I need to be totally focused on keeps amazing me how often my teacher asks me a question in Russian and I formulate my answer in Spanish...)
-My bestie Maricarmen sends me her classroom blog every week, and an e-mail in Spanish too, so I keep up on my Discovery School news and my Spanish reading skills.
-I have a hundred million pictures from Honduras, and tonight I made/ordered a book full of Honduras pictures, something like a book version of this blog without all the words. I've been wanting to do it for a while as a surprise for Chris, but he kept coming out and asking me what I was doing so I finally just showed was nice to get his input, though, because he will be looking at it sometimes, too (I hope!)

As far as getting ready for Russia goes, mostly we're just practicing our Russian language skills, but we have also started acquiring things we need...believe it or not, after two years in Honduras we are somewhat lacking in things like heavy winter coats and, for me, SHOES!

I didn't realize how low I was in the shoe department...until I started looking for them a few weeks ago, I didn't remember that I'd donated/given away all my real shoes before we moved...I think I can count on one hand the number of times I wore real shoes in Honduras...and since it is getting colder here (and will be WAY cold in Владивосток!) I've started to collect shoes again. (YAY!) Also on our list are heavy coats and thick boots...sigh...I ALMOST miss tropical weather...almost.

:) Stay warm!

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