Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Excitement Abounds!

Kristen says...

I am very excited because I am not on a bus to Russian class today...I am on the Metro on my way to meet friends who are taking me to Dulles Airport!

No, I am not going on a trip, but my mom and my grandpa are coming to DC on an Honor Flight!

Do you know what an Honor Flight is?

If you are in the States, you might want to check because Honor Flights are happening all over the country...

The idea of the flight was hatched in Ohio, between two men; one, a pilot, and the other a World War 2 veteran who had never been to DC. The pilot flew the veteran and a friend or two to DC to see the World War II monument and other DC sights, and the idea caught on...

And today my grandpa who served in the Army Air Corps during the War is coming on an all-Iowa Honor Flight!!

My mom is coming as his guardian and I get to meet them!!

I will post pictures later!!

Check out if there are Honor Flights in your state...it is a really neat thing!


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