Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Husband, the Grillmaster

Kristen says...

Happy Memorial Day!

 It is always fun to observe US traditions in other parts of the world...if for no other reason than to compare how similar or different they are!

 For the past two weekends Chris has been grillmaster extraordinaire, first at a grilling competition sponsored by a local grocery store, and today, at our Memorial Day BBQ!
The grilling competition was one of the events of the Vladivostok Boat Show
 Teams of two from many local businesses and organizations were invited to participate. Our Consulate had provided a team last year, so Chris was invited to participate this year.
USDA apron, decorated tables...go USA!
 The competition rules (as distributed to us a few weeks ago) said the organizers of the competition would provide the steaks and grills--everything else was up to the competitors.

 So, we went over to Chris' cooking teammate's house on Saturday and, based on the experience of last years' team, tried out some different rubs/marinades/sauce combinations and came up with what we were sure was a winner...

And then we arrived at the competition.

 Apparently, last year there were raised electric grills to cook on...this year they were flat...and CRAZY the teriyaki marinade the boys used on the chilled steaks basically became burned glue the minute they hit the surface...oops. :)
So that didn't go as planned...
I love the looks on their faces!
 Along with the steak the boys made a riff on this balsamic-mustard sauce and a side of mushrooms...

 The boys were among the first to cook their steaks, so we had to wait almost three hours to see how they did...fortunately we were at a boat show, so there was plenty to look at while we waited.
Chris really wants one of these
  Unfortunately, these are the only boat pictures I see, it was raining almost the entire time we were at the boat show, so I put my "nice" camera in the car and took a bunch of pictures (including pictures of the awards ceremony) on my iPhone...which my grillmaster husband LOST this week! (But don't worry, it wasn't on purpose and I still love him).

 Still...I have no pictures to prove it, but even with slightly crispy edges, the boys won 3rd place in the grilling contest! :)

 High on the wings of this success, a Memorial Day steak BBQ was suggested for this weekend, with the assumption that the boys would re-create their award-winning steaks.

 This was easier said than done, though, because the grill we used today was a charcoal grill...and the charcoal we had to use was REAL, natural charcoal...good times!
This, as you may have guessed, caused a bit of a problem on another chilly and wet day...
Don't worry, he washed his hands before he grilled!
 Thank goodness for the guy with the blowtorch!
The can he is holding, I kid you not, says "GAS" on the outside...eek!
Again, the looks on their faces!
So we finally got the grill going, and had an amazing American lunch of potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, and a variety of desserts. Yum yum!
We were quite pleased with the quality of the steaks...T-bones!
My grillmaster in action! :) (This was my steak...first on the grill, and one of the last off...I like my steak well-done!)

So, even though we are far from home, it is fun to have some "American" experiences once in a while! :)


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