Sunday, June 30, 2013

Not an Exceptionally Exciting Month...

Kristen says...

Well, June went by fairly quickly, especially considering it was not a very exciting or busy month.

 We did have one day off of work in June, the 12th, which is Russia Day here. Chris and I took advantage of the nice weather to walk around downtown and see the sights:

 This beach area is, believe it or not, the beach area we could see from the hotel we stayed at when we first arrived in Vladivostok! You can see our hotel (the Arbat) in this picture:
This fountain was, of course, not turned on when we first arrived!
 Because it was a holiday, the city had some celebrations going, including this stage which we've seen a couple times now.

 When we first arrived there were some local children dancing, and when I took this picture, someone was singing a very catchy song about Vladivostok. (Actually there are quite a few songs about Vladivostok, which is kind of fun, although it made for a longer than necessary YouTube search to find the right one to link to today!)

Another apparent Vladivostok holiday favorite? The big blue Vladivostok sign! :)

 We walked along the boardwalk until it came to an end and found this building, particularly pertinent now that the Sochi Olympics are just months away:
I particularly liked the billboard made for local scholar-athletes Ivan Shtyl (the blue words are congratulating him on his bronze medal at the Olympic games)
 and "world champion swimmer" Vitali Obotin, who also happens to be hard of hearing.
So that was a fun day.

Since then we have basically been busy working the time away.

Chris also went to Manila last week for some training, which hopefully he will blog about... :)

While he was gone I spent my time hanging with Pip, enjoying the flowers (the peonies have popped!)...

 and enjoying watching the way all the potholes in our driveway were fixed:

Oh yes, and I was asked to make this video by friends at the Consulate... so glad I'm finally getting to put my journalism training to work! :)

Hopefully July will be slightly more exciting!


  1. .... a regular Julia Child! This is terrific!
    Fox : ))

    1. Fox! Nice to see you on this side of the blogosphere...I was thinking of Julia Child as I made this...I figured any mistakes I made would just be happy accidents...I think the next go-round in a few weeks will be chili, although Mac and cheese, chocolate chip cookies and brownies have also been requested! :)


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