Friday, July 19, 2013

A Train Trip to the Airport and Back...For No Reason at All!

Kristen says...

Last weekend was GORGEOUS!

Check out this view from our apartment:
(Sadly, this weekend is going to be crazy-rainy and cold!)
  Luckily, Chris and I were able to take full advantage of the lovely weather with a train trip to the airport and back.

 This may not seem like that big of a deal, but the airport is actually located 44 km outside of the city, so it takes a bit of doing to get there and back.

Believe it or not there are many ways to get to the Vladivostok airport:
   -get in your car and drive (it's between a 40 minute to 1 hr drive, depending on traffic)
   -take a taxi (same length of time, but it costs upwards of $30 both ways)
   -take the bus (cheaper but much more public, and it only runs 10 times/day)
   -take the new, lovely Aeroexpress train!
Which is what Chris and I did last weekend.

Of course, we weren't flying anywhere (sniff) but we enjoyed the ride, anyway!

 There are two basic fares to the airport; standard class is 200 Ruble (around $6), business class is 350 Ruble (around $11).

 We decided to take business class (why not!), which was lovely. We were almost the only people in the car both on the way to the airport and back.

 Since it was such a lovely day we had clear views of the lovely Russian countryside (and coastline!):
A bay
Not sure what this is...could be a place to practice driving, or motocross rink, or...??
Another train
A pretty pier
Another (more functional) pier
The new stadium! Local basketball and hockey teams coming soon...
A Russian dacha (country home)
More dachas
The road to the airport! :)
 Forty-eight minutes later we arrived.

We saw both the new airport:

 And the old one:
 The funniest part was that the trains arrive with about 12 minutes leeway before they take off back to we had just enough time to go into the airport, buy our return ticket, and head back to the train before it took off again. I'm pretty sure the ticket people on the train thought we were crazy Americans!

 When we got back to town we walked back to the city center (probably 3 city blocks) to take the bus back home and saw my favorite of all the statues in Vladivostok:
Yul Brynner--one of Vladivostok's favorite sons!
 Yes, the actor Yul Brynner was born in Vladivostok, and his statue stands just a block or so away from the train station! What a hunk! :) (His son, Rock, comes to Vladivostok almost every year in September for the Vladivostok Film Festival--hopefully I'll get to meet him this year!)

 We also saw the pretty downtown "square" in's amazing how different it looks now than it looked when we first got here!




  1. Awesome pictures! I love seeing pics of places I've never been to. I was an avid traveler in my younger days (before the kids were born), and I miss seeing unique and interesting places. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nooo problem! :) Sadly the blog is a bit neglected right now as we are on "vacation" but hopefully once we get back to Russia I'll have lots of fun things to show!! Glad to have you reading about this adventure, too! :) Kristen


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