Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Kristen says...

They say no news is good news, but not when you're a that instance, no news means no blog posts, which is downright dull.

The past week has been a very busy one, both at work and outside work hours. Chris arrived back in Vlad five days bedhind me (it was supposed to be four days, but he was delayed 24 hours in Seoul due to a ticketing mixup...) so he spent most of the week getting back into the swing of things (and over his jet lag), and I was busy with my general work as well as spending time acquainting the new CG and his family with Vladivostok. It's been nice to see the city through fresh eyes...everyone should have the opportunity to introduce their city to new people every so often!

We also shot another cooking show this week, "How to Make Apple Pie" in honor of Labor Day. Warning, it's a long one! :)

So that was fun. We also had another barbeque on Saturday--the weather has been beautiful here this past week (with the exception of the small typhoon that blew through on Tuesday and Wednesday). It feels like football weather! Sadly, American football isn't very popular here, but I live in hope that we will be able to catch more than a few games on the Internet this fall.

Still, it's not all bad...the New York Times confirmed this week what Chris and I have been saying since January: Vladivostok Rocks. :)

In addition to the music festival described in the NY Times story, we also have the International Film Festival of Asian-Pacific countries in Vladivostok to look forward to this month. Besides being pretty much the only time all year US movies are shown in English in Vladivostok (all foreign films are dubbed into Russian, and many are re-titled as well), the film festival will also bring visits from actor Michael Madsen (which I am super-excited about since he was in one of my favorite movies of all time--Free Willy--as well as other high-profile films like Die Another DayReservoir Dogs and the Kill Bill movies) and Rock Brynner, son of Vladivostok native Yul Brynner. Pretty exciting stuff.

We will also celebrate Tiger Day later this month, which should be pretty neat. It is slightly unclear to me exactly what Tiger Day will entail, but I live in hope that it will be pretty spectacular. :)

So that's what's going on here...hopefully I'll have some interesting stories about the September events later in the month.


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