Tuesday, December 31, 2013

С Новым Годом! (Happy New Year!)

Kristen says...

It's 2 minutes to the New Year!! (And that is very apparent from the ramping up of fireworks outside...boy do Russians love their fireworks! :)

There are, I'm not kidding, probably 50 or more different firework "displays" going off simultaneously (Chris says dozens and dozens)...and have been for the past 45 minutes, with no sign of them letting up. It's amazing!

(Pip does not agree...he is hiding in the quietest room in the house!)

Clearly the Russians take New Years seriously!

Here is the city square:

It's a small luge built for children to slide down :)
The city Christmas tree and another icy slide

 Some of the people on our floor got into the decorating mood, too:
 Chris and I had a low-key celebration, "champagne" at 10:30 before Chris went to bed...

Sadly, not very good...but Chris liked the picture on the bottle! :)
...of course, he was right back up once this started! :)

We wish you the best for your New Year's Celebrations, and a VERY HAPPY 2014!

Thanks for following our adventure in 2013, here's hoping it only gets better in the new year! :)

-The Finks

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