Sunday, March 9, 2014

Safari Park with Tigers and Bears, "Oh My"! :)

Kristen says...

We are enjoying a long weekend thanks to International Women's Day, hooray! :)

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be able to travel with the recently-returned Ty Stephens and members of the group SoulJaazz (if you remember they were here this time last year, we got to visit the tall ship Nadezhda with them) to the Primorsky Safari Park, a small animal rehab park/zoo located an hour or so outside of the city.
The park specializes in rehabbing local animals who have been found injured or abandoned by past owners. The hope is that some of the animals can be returned to the wild.

The park is broken into four areas: Predators, Birds, Tigers and Large Mammals.

We visited the predators first:
While many of the animals here will be rehabbed and returned to the wild, the bears are usually turned over to the circuses.
Red fox
Wild cats
Our guide said that less than one in 10 of these cats could be tamed as house cats--most wouldn't even let you pet them
Imagine this beast in your home :)
This little otter was very cute and playful
Until he wasn't (our guide had quite a few cuts on his hand from this altercation)
The next park was the bird park:
This eagle(?)'s talons were injured from the cold--too much ice fishing I guess :)
A cheeky wink from an owl
Look into my eyes...
And yes, they also have tigers in the tiger park! (Amur Tigers...a few miles farther north in Siberia there are actual tigers running around the countryside, at least 500!)
One of two Amur (Siberian) tigers at the park

The two tigers were in separate areas, I don't think they could get at each other. One simply had a high fence around it, the other's enclosure had an elevated walkway encircling it upon which visitors could get a 360° view of the tiger's park.

 The last park was the mammal park, with such gems as deer and a couple very friendly pigs!

They also have a few imports scattered around the parks:
Red wolves--not actually native to the area, but here nonetheless
It's hard to see, but that is a raccoon... I love going to places where raccoons are considered zoo animals! :)
We had a very nice time visiting the animals, even though it was just a little bit would be interesting to go back in the summer and see the place with green! :)


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