Monday, September 8, 2014

Summer is (Almost) Over

Kristen says...

I can't decide how I feel about the fact that our final Vladivostok summer is (almost) over...

On one hand, I vastly prefer the weather in fall to the weather in summer...I dislike being too warm, and I love the crisp fall feeling you get when you pull on your jeans and a sweater for the first time...

However, I'm so going to miss all the hours of morning sun we enjoy in the summer, and I'm NOT ready to wear a coat or (especially) shoes!

One sign summer is (almost) over?

I went back to school (Year 2 of volunteer teaching has begun)!
It is a tradition in my family (and probably in yours, too, judging by facebook) to take a picture on the first day of school, so here's mine!
 My schedule this year is quite different than it was last year, which has taken some adjusting, but one thing hasn't changed: my terrible drawing skills! :)
One class is learning about Ancient Greece...I was trying to explain how the Ancient Greek civilization "came to an end" and for some reason decided to use the analogy of mice fighting over cheese...
Probably should have made Greece out of feta cheese rather than Swiss?? :)
 It doesn't quite feel like fall here yet (well, ok, it didn't before today's chilly rain), we have been having some BEAUTIFUL days:

We took advantage of the warmth this weekend to have a picnic lunch
Black bean burgers, chick pea and onion salad and lemonade, so summery!

and we took a trip downtown where we saw two of the many different types of ships that visit the Vladivostok port:
The tall ship Nadezhda on the left and a visiting cruise ship on the right
We also took a ride in the oldest, sketchiest bus in the world on the way home, which was something of an adventure :) Ah, the memories we will take with us when we go!!

So, whether I like it or not, our final Vladivostok summer is (almost) over, but we are enjoying the last days as much as possible!!

Winter is coming my friends, winter is coming. :)


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