Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Origins--the Kristen POV

Kristen says:

I second everything Chris said! :)

Speaking for myself, I can't think of too many places (in the US) I'd rather live than Iowa. Even with the ice and snow of winter, (it was beautiful this morning, by the way. If I'd had my camera with me when I went to school I'd post a picture on here) Iowa is a great place to be and be from. We may be seen as a bit backward by some more "cosmopolitan" societies, but I think the rural aspect of our state holds a lot of our charm.

Yet, I personally jumped at the chance to live and work outside the States. For one, I have wanted to visit South/Central America ever since I had a Paraguayan (well, actually, she was Chinese but going to school in Paraguay) pen pal when I was in 4th grade. Plus the Galapagos Islands are SO CLOSE to Honduras (or at least, closer to Honduras than to Iowa), I'm sure I'll get to visit there while we're there.

Travel aside, I am very excited to TEACH outside the US. This is a new facet to an overseas experience for me: before student teaching it had never occurred to me that I could find a job that I would actually want overseas. I always figured I'd be Chris' carry-on for overseas living, not the other way around. I feel tremendous responsibility for this designation: I want to make sure Chris has a positive experience, since he is doing this to fulfill my dream. (Although he doesn't seem too upset about it, does he?! :)

Obviously as a first year teacher I don't have a ton of experience teaching here en los Estados Unidos (thank you RS), but the semester I spent in London aside, all of my education has been in America (in Iowa, for that matter). I'm excited to work and collaborate with teachers from other countries and states, and to teach students from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Discovery School seems like an awesome place to begin.

All that aside, and totally changing the subject, we had Indian food tonight for dinner. First of all, yum, and second of all, will there be Indian restaurants in Honduras? Chris and I were discussing (OK, Chris was reminding me) that I can't bring all 1,000+ books in my library to Honduras. I wonder if any of the cookbooks will make the trip? And will all the ingredients we're used to be readily available? So many questions that will be answered in less than 6 months!! :)



  1. The Galapagos Islands are the most incredible living museum of evolutionary changes, with a huge variety of exotic species (birds, land and sea animals, plants) and landscapes not seen anywhere else.

  2. Tegus has good food, ask your fellow teachers when you get there, the school is ver friendly.
    Ni-fu,Ni-fa an Argentian steakhouse was my favorite, the city has decent sushi, and some decent chinese. I don't remember ever eating Indian there, but they have a very good pizza place called Al-bahacas that is as good as any pizza I've ever had.
    but I live in Ames Iowa now, and I have to say the food was much better in Tegus. Eating out isn't that cheap though, you can easily spend $50 U.S at a nice place, unless you eat at a "typico" restaurant, for less than $8 for two people, which are also very good, there is one right down the road from Discovery, on the corner on the way up to Santa Lucia. The weather there is great, like San Francisco, just a little rainy sometimes, but never for very long. The safety situation is something I would investigate, there was a recent coup, very high unemployment, stay safe. You may not consider yourself a wealthy person but to the average Honduran you will be....

  3. Thanks, Mike! We'd love to get in contact with you to find out more about the city! We're just down the road from you, in Des Moines!

  4. When did they move the Galapagos Islands?


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