Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Chris says:

I've been a slacker! No new postings from me in quite some time...

Everyone at PFG (Principal Financial Group for those of you who might not be family) officially knows or can know if they want to what our plans are come July/August. And, I guess Kristen officially told Saydel about what our plans are as well - so spread the word if you wish....all can know now...

Status of learning Spanish: Not good - but I have scheduled myself to go to the public library every Mon/Wed/Fri, I'm going to try to treat the work like a college class. Getting stuff done is all about priority....and I just need to make it a priority, or else I'll be hurting this summer

Status of Countdown to Honduras: Not good - we haven't decided when exactly we're going to be leaving....which from my point of view needs to be one of the first steps if we're going to schedule ourselves for the next 6 months or so about what needs to happen so we don't end up in a ditch somewhere in Honduras without any apartment or communication mechanisms.

Enough for tonight - we got new hard drives and finally put them in - so I'm re-installing Rosetta Stone in preparation for my work tomorrow night.

Stay warm everyone!

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