Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Guess What--We're Home!!

Kristen says...

Happy Birthday Jay! (Brother-in-law, father to nephew Ezra!!!) :)

Well, we made it! We are both home (Iowa home)! Chris, as I mentioned during my last post, has been home a little bit longer than I have, since he got here the 7th. I left Teguc on the afternoon of the 17th, and made it in (better late than never) to Des Moines late that night. I was surprised and VERY happy to be met by:
-Chris (of course)
-(Sister) Michelle
-(Brother-in-Law) Nate (those two came to visit, of you remember)
-(Sister) Rebecca
-(Brother-in-Law) Jay (birthday boy mentioned above)
-(Nephew) EZRA!!!

Here are a couple of the million pictures I have taken of him, because he is ADORABLE:

Yep. He's absolutely adorable. I love him. Chris loves him. Everybody loves him!! Super super super cute! :)

We spent the first night in Des Moines at Chris' Grandma's house, and then visited with friends and family on Saturday at Baby Boomers (YUM!) and at my Grandpa's house, then went home to Osky. Chris had to work Monday, so he and I went back to Des Moines (this is a pattern--we've been up and back about 5 times this week) and then I got to spend the day running errands and seeing people from my old jobs. I spent the next few days in Winterset with Rebecca, Jay, and Ezra, and in Des Moines with friends.

Chris' birthday was the 23rd, so we went back to Osky to celebrate with his family. Then we spent the 24th at church (2x!) and playing cards, the 25th eating (3 meals!), and the 26th celebrating my Grandpa Foster's life and opening lots and lots of presents. (Thanks everybody!)

Yesterday evening we went back to Des Moines to run some errands, but ended up spending the whole time at an unexpected but fun dinner party with 2 of Chris' groomsmen (I think they were as surprised to see us there as we were to see them!). Not a productive trip, but a fun one!

Today we had lunch with my Grandpa and are now spending the evening cheering for the Iowa Hawkeyes (Chris) or the Mizzou Tigers (Me--I almost went there for my undergrad) in the Insight.com Bowl.

Tomorrow my brother Timothy and I are headed to West Branch, Iowa (about 2 hours away) to view a museum exhibit about Laura Ingalls Wilder at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum (yes, he was born in Iowa, but ran out of California). Some of Laura' s papers are housed there (donated by her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, who was a personal friend of Hoover) and I haven't visited there since 1996, so I am VERY excited!

Pip is still in Honduras, staying with friends...I miss him A LOT, but I guess not enough because we're extending our stay here a few days... :-D

Reading back over this entry, it's kind of disjointed and a little random, but I guess you get the idea...we've been busy, had a lot of time with family and friends, and altogether had a GREAT trip!

I will leave you with a few more pictures of our time in Iowa, and will do my VERY BEST to tell you about my trip to West Branch tomorrow...

Oh yeah, and we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! ;)

Hope yours was as great as ours...


PS: Here's the info on the pics: Me with Ezra; Chris with Ezra; one of Ezra's cute faces; Chris and a picture of my Grandpa; my parents, sister, and brother-in-law at Christmas; stockings at Chris' house; my brother Tim in the deep snow; Millie, the 17-year old beagle; Sonny and Phebe, mom's horses; the beautiful square in Oskaloosa; bird in a pretty snowy tree; Mom and I messing around in the snow; Ezra's kissy face; Dad glorying in the family, weather, walking, and everything else (we took a nice long walk today); and of course, Chris and I snuggling in the snow. It's been a great trip home!

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