Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poor Pip!

Kristen says...

Well, I knew it would happen--it was inevitable, and of course it would happen on the busiest, crappiest week ever!

For those of you who are not aware, the tap water in Honduras is not for drinking...and that's not just for gringos like us, it's for pretty much everyone. I know Hondurans who won't even bathe their babies in Honduran water because it harbours all manner of creepy-crawlies and diseases (cholera, anyone?) and other icky things you don't want in your tummy.

Or your dog's tummy, which is what happened this week.

We give Pip the same water we drink, the stuff from the big blue 5-gallon water jugs (pictured below)
and he's been perfectly healthy since August...until yesterday.

I came home to a full bucket of water and mop, and Chris informed me that Pip had chucked his breakfast. This isn't totally un-normal for Pip--he has a history of stomache trouble--but then Chris texted me today at school and said Pip was sick again...

Chris is on call this week, which means he can't get farther than about 5 steps away from the phone, which means he couldn't take Pip to the, I got to take a trip to the emergency vet today...which was an experience in itself because, while our "regular" vet speaks English, the emergency vet spoke none at all... But, luckily my Spanish is getting better (slowly) and we were able to understand each other most of the time, without too much repetition.

The vet did a fecal and, if my translation is correct, he said it looked like the organisms were playing football when he looked at Pip's...poo...under the microscope...ew.

So, we have 2 types of medicines we're taking 2 and 3 times/day...and hopefully it will fix his issue quickly!

And how did he get the buggies? Well, one way might have been from the mar at Amapala this weekend, but since he didn't get sick until Wednesday, a better guess might be from the bath he had Tuesday night...I do think he drank a little bit of the shower water, and apparently a little is enough...definitely makes me resolve to keep my mouth shut during my shower tomorrow!

Hoping your tummy is bug-free! :)


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