Thursday, February 17, 2011

Introducing...My Two Bearded Men

Kristen says...

About a week ago (ok sorry, I'm a blog slacker these days) Chris had a beard.

It's worth mentioning, because Chris hasn't had a REAL beard ever, that I can remember. My brothers-in-law drift in and out of beard-land (especially in no-shave November), my brothers don't bother because they seem not to be able to grow one (and why do they need to, they're handsome enough without them), and my dad, well, every time he even hints at facial hair his daughters tease him unmercifully so he usually chops it right off (sorry Daddy), but Chris...the most I've ever seen him with is a 2-3 day weekend stubble.

So why the beard then?

Well, Thursday nights are poker nights. (Coincidentally, Thursday nights are my most productive nights...go figure!) A few poker nights ago one of our Honduran friends apparently showed up with some stubble, and mentioned that it was a weeks worth of beardishness...Chris, being Chris, thought it would be funny if he showed up the next weekend with a weeks-worth of growth (which, as you will see, was a full beard).

Of course, he didn't tell me about this...and I have to say I honestly didn't realize it for quite a while. (I was busy!)

Anyway, here's a few pics of Chris-with-a-beard: (oh, by the way, he wouldn't let me take a picture until he was shaving it...)

Isn't he handsome?! :)

Of course, Chris' beard had nothing on this guy's: :)

Anyway, that's about's President's Day weekend, and tonight is the first night of the 4-day weekend! (Thanks for being born, Presidents!)

It's kind of funny, I had to explain to my students exactly why we got 2 days off to celebrate some presidents for a country they don't live in or belong to...

I also had to explain postage stamps today...I gave my 7th graders an assignment to create a stamp commemorating an achievement of the Heian Japanese, and had to spend 10 minutes telling them what stamps were, their purpose, what the numbers on them meant, etc. It was really quite entertaining, but a bit exasperating as well...apparently getting/sending letters isn't very common here...?

As it's a 4-day weekend, (and our walls are still incredibly bare), I'm hoping we might take a trek to Valle de Angeles this weekend to invest in some Honduran art...I'll bring the camera along this time so I can share the experience with you, dear readers!

No tatting lately...but it's a 4-day weekend, so I'm sure there will be some before it's over!



  1. don't you love it when you spend all the time painstakingly designing an awesome lesson only to have it fall flat for some reason that totally blindsides you, like not knowing what stamps are??? how strange!

  2. There are stamps here in Honduras. You buy them in the post offices and then stick them on your letters with the glue sitting in a little cup on a table nearby.

    Here in Santa Rosa there is someone who does do some delivery of mail, mostly to businesses, but mostly you would have to pick it up yourself.

    A major problem is that here most houses in residential neighborhoods don't have numbers and are often identified by landmarks. My house is either south of Esquina Plietez (where the Pleitez family lives)or a half a block south of La Escuela San Antonio.

    Mail delivery is a luxury here.

  3. Thanks for the information, John! I actually went to the main post office today, and bought some Honduran stamps to show the's interesting how some things are so similar, yet some are so totally different.



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