Monday, April 11, 2011


Kristen says...

Guess what we (meaning Chris) just did...!!

You may remember me speaking of the Olympics a few times over the past year + (especially this memorable rant when I considered trying to join the Honduran national team...hahaha)

Well, about 5 minutes ago Chris and I put in our official request for Olympics tickets for the 2012 Games in LONDON!!!!!!!

Last time I was in London I looked like this:

(a little thinner, a little younger, a little bit shorter hair...and no, that's not Chris I'm canoodling with, that's my brother Daniel! He and my super-dad came to visit me over Thanksgiving when I was studying abroad in fall 2004...and we saw The Incredibles for an incredible 14£ price tag!!)

Chris has never been to London at all...poor guy!

Anyway, we officially put in our request for tickets for six events:
-Swimming (naturally, it was my #1/2 sport in high school)
-Tennis (Chris wants to see Wimbledon)
-Table Tennis
-Gymnastics (hopefully we get to see Iowa's own Shawn Johnson compete)

I also wanted Athletics (Track and Field, my other #1/2 sport in high school), but they didn't start running until August 4, and I'm not sure where I'll be teaching then, and I don't want to have to miss too much school...

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that we get selected for all those requests!!

Theoretically we should know if we are selected for tickets sometime within the next month or two (we hope)...the request phase ends on the 22nd of April, so hopefully they get their acts together quickly after that!!


For one, I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Olympics!!! What an amazing thing!!
And for two, I have been wishing I was back in London since I left in December 2004...I can't believe it's already been 6 1/2 years!! Too long!

We're probably going to go over a few days (maybe even a week) before the actual Olympics start so we can do some sight-seeing...I am REALLY excited to show Chris all the places I went when I was living there, and to revisit my old stomping grounds.

I think Chris is most excited about the beer. :)

Either way, it will be great!

We'll keep you updated on whether or not we get the tickets...


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  1. Good luck getting tickets!

    Wow! Was that a fun trip to London?! I still have the aquarium button on that jacket. You and Chris will have a blast, but, you will have to be patient dealing with the crowds.

    Love, Dad.


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