Sunday, September 4, 2011

Randomly Random

Kristen says...

Hello Everybody! Thanks for any silent support you may have thrown my way for my Spanish quiz on Thursday...I am happy to report I did quite well:
Chris was in Washington D.C. all last week for a work conference (lucky duck!) so I stuck my 110% quiz on the new fridge so he could ooh and ahh when he got home today...
It was a long week without him, even though a colleague did come stay with me to keep me company, and Princess came to stay with Pip. Apparently Pip is not excited about being left behind all the time, and wants to come with us on our next trip:
No, we did not put him in the suitcase: he did that all on his own :)

Is my dog not the cutest thing in the world?! Anyway, he and Chris are now in the bedroom catching up on lost sleep and Princess is snuggling here with me on the couch...

Even though Chris was gone all week, so theoretically I should have had a lot of free time on my hands, I really didn't get much done in the way of tatting...I started on a new doily, but not much else...I'm only halfway through my 25 motif goal for the 25 Motif Challenge...I'd better get on that soon!

That's not to say I haven't been thinking about tatting lately, though. Quite the opposite, really. I was doing some tatting pdf searches the other day and came across an absolute gem: The Antique Pattern Library is AMAZING. If you are a tatter and haven't checked it out yet, I would go there right now! The only problem I'm having is that I can't seem to see them on my Mac, but they show up just fine on the PCs at school...I think I am going to take the pdfs to a printer and see how much it would cost me to have them printed...I'm guessing a lot?

I've also been doing a good amount of reading. Although I still prefer REAL books, owning a Kindle does have some of which is all the free classic books you get. While you could expect to pay anywhere from $3-$10+ for the classics at any bookstore (or have to return them after 2-3 weeks at any library,) with the Kindle I can download free, readable (albeit sometimes badly formatted) copies of almost any book you can think of whose original copyright has expired.

This has been awesome for me, the person who loves books but does crazy things like moves to Honduras and therefore doesn't have a lot of space for them...I think on my one Kindle I have over 500 books, which is how many I have on the groaning shelves in my childhood bedroom at home...

So I've been partaking in the classics (imagine Adam Sandler's voice from the movie"Bedtime Stories") for freeeee...ok, or better yet, just watch it yourself. (YouTube is amazing)

Anyway, I read "The Shuttle" by Frances Hodgson Burnett (author of "A Little Princess" and "The Secret Garden") a week or two ago... (by the way, who even knew that she wrote other books besides "Princess" and "Garden"? I didn't! I was pleasantly surprised, because "The Shuttle" was really awesome, and has inspired me to continue branching out into other classics by favorite authors!) Awesome book! So, so good! Read it! Now! What are you waiting for, it's freeeee for your Kindle/iPad/Nook/Kobe/other e-reader.

Yesterday I finished the "8 Cousins" and "Rose in Bloom" duo by Louisa May Alcott, and am contemplating moving on to "Little Women" or abandoning female authors for a while (I also read Wharton's "The Age of Innocence" on the way back from Iowa) and re-reading "Robinson Crusoe" or "The Swiss Family Robinson" (which, by the way, has a sequel, written by none other than Johanna Spyri, the author of "Heidi"'s like 6 degrees of separation, classic literature style!) Or maybe I'll read a classic I've not read before, like "A Damsel in Distress" by P.G. Wodehouse or "The Book of Snobs" by William Makepeace Tackeray, or...

Where was I going with this again? Oh yes, I am an old person. I go to bed relatively early. I watch CBS Sunday Morning...and like it! I enjoy wearing crocheted vests purchased at the $1 store. (Seriously, a vest for a dollar. I'm in!) I tat, something which I am told by basically anyone who knows I do it that it's a "dying art," and now I'm revisiting the classics, which is affecting my speech patterns (I told Chris the other day that one of my students "wasn't best pleased" about something. He didn't believe it was a real phrase until I showed him in a book.) I enjoy having pictures like this in my bedroom:
I think the only thing that saves me from being a true old person (besides my age, which is 28 next month) is that I am doing some of these things digitally...I have been downloading tatting books and reading the classics on my Kindle, a sure sign I am at home in 2011, even if I don't totally belong (I get jealous of the women in the long flowing dresses of my "period" movies...I want every dress in Jo March's wardrobe, even the one with the burn in the back.)

Regardless (not irregardless, which I'm told my my friend the English teacher isn't real word), I am happy to live in a world of iPods and computers and the Internet and YouTube and Skype...I just wish we'd bring back 3-piece suits and fedoras for men and cloche hats and button-up boots for women (ok maybe not the button-up boots, I really enjoy wearing sandals 11 months out of the year!)

Well, I am going to quit wandering aimlessly through this blog post...and maybe go wake my husband up so I can spend some time with him :)

Hope you've had a great weekend, and are looking forward to a nice short week, those of you in the US (don't worry, I'm not jealous; we get a 5-day weekend next week due to Honduran Independence Day!!!)



  1. Little Lord Fauntleroy is another by Frances Hodgson Burnett;I, too, am a bibliophile, but I really am an old person, and e-readers make my eyes hurt!


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