Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday Cake, Halloween Costumes, the Beach, and MORE Car Drama!

Kristen says...

Hey, long time no blog!

I am very sorry to those of you who like to read this blog...October and November are always quite busy in the life of this teacher, and it just never seems like there is enough time to eat, sleep, work AND blog...

As you probably figured out from the title, a lot has happened since last I blogged (funnily enough, most of it on weekends)

Starting chronologically, I had a very nice birthday, and even had a belated birthday cake:

(cake by Kristen, decorations by Chris! It was DELICIOUS!)

The Monday after my birthday was another Honduran holiday (Armed Forces Day) and the Monday after that was school "celebrates" this day with Book Characters Day. I came as Daisy from "The Great Gatsby"
(Why yes, I did feel a little silly!)

Here's what I looked like the rest of that day:

(Much better!)

The weekend after (the first weekend of November) we decided it had been WAY too long since we'd seen an Amapala sunset, so we packed up Pip and headed south with some friends.

As always, Pip had a great time exploring the island and getting covered in sand...

...and poor Chris got stung by a jellyfish! Ouch!

But at least the sunset was amazing, as always!

We were really glad we went with friends in their car because, even though we had our car fixed (again) a few weeks back, (btw: transmissions are EXPENSIVE!!) I'm not sure the car would have made it all the way to Amapala.

You see, we ended up sending it back to the good old mechanic again this past Friday night because it was making a really horrible grinding noise all the way home from school that day...the bad news was the car was sick again...good news was it wasn't the new transmission (yay)! Apparently our exhaust pipe had somehow gotten flattened and wasn't releasing exhaust properly. Yikes. It seems to be driving fine, and we took it to Valle for a test drive this afternoon...The lesson we've learned? I refuse to buy any car more than 10 years old ever again! Too much drama!!!

This past weekend we celebrated the birthday of the US Marine Corps by attending the Marine Ball with some friends here in Tegucigalpa. Our quick little trip back to Iowa in September was awesome for a number of reasons, one of which was that we were able to bring back clothes for the Ball (and meaning that we didn't have to go buy new stuff!)

Chris wore a suit he bought to wear when he was groomsman in a wedding a few years back, and I wore my (are you ready for this) 11th grade prom dress! Apparently this is a bit strange and most people can't wear clothes 10 years after they bought them? I have always really liked this dress (burnt orange is my favorite shade of orange) so I was thrilled I could still wear it. I have a picture at home of Chris and I together the first time I wore it, but it's not digital'll jsut have to settle for the 2011 version:
(First time around I wore black elbow-length gloves and my hair pulled back and curled; this time I opted to borrow mom's lace cover-up and leave my hair straight. Either way, I really love that dress!!)

We had a really nice time, especially because we got to spend time with State Department friends who will all be in DC or on to their next assignments within the next 6 months. Sniff. It's going to be so hard to say goodbye to so many friends!

And with that, we're all caught up through today!

I am really looking forward to this week because my parents are coming to town this coming Saturday!! We are really looking forward to seeing them and visiting some of the Honduran sights...should be great! They are only the second people to come visit us, so we're really excited to have guests!

We've been having a lot of really great rainbows here lately...I hope we get one while Mom and Dad are here! (This one was at school as we were leaving on Friday)
I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Kristen and Chris... My wife and I have accepted teaching positions in Tegucigalpa for next year. I was wondering if you would be willing to shoot me and email so we could discuss your experiences in Tegucigalpa. Thanks for any consideration. My email address is


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