Sunday, February 26, 2012

Making Art

Kristen says...

Last weekend was a long weekend...not long because it felt long, but long because it was long...a loverly 4-day President's Day Extravaganza!

Chris and I took advantage of that in multiple ways...he slept, I worked out. He watched a movie (I think he's almost through the entire first season of the Tudors), I worked on lesson plans...he...ok, so maybe we wasn't that lazy and I wasn't that industrious, but we both had a nice weekend.

We also spent quite a bit of time with friends, mostly eating and, for 2 or so hours on Saturday, making art!

Now, I can't 100% speak for Chris, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say neither of us considers ourselves artists. Yes, I can tat and I have a nice camera, but I don't think I'm an artist by any stretch of the imagination. And neither of us can draw worth anything...

But last weekend we had the opportunity to pull out any artistic skills lying dormant in ourselves with a fun family art event at school.

The lovely art teacher invited us to join her and create some art. She wouldn't tell us what the medium was until we got there, and we were surprised when she said we would be making pictures using printers' ink and rollers. These were tools I used when I worked in the Print Shop at Living History Farms. Little did I can use them to make art!

We started out with a tutorial from our art teacher-extraordinaire:
and then we took off on our own, working on brown "scratch" paper to make some blobs and some pictures:

Next we began our artistic collaboration to make an abstract art piece that I'm not 100% crazy about, but the art teacher really liked it:
Then we moved back into the world of literal, creating my one of my favorite pictures of the day, one that (although we didn't try to) mimics our "Aves" painting:
Because it was a "family" art day, we had to bring Pip!
And because it was a "family" art day we had to get Pip involved!

Then we decided to pull out some paint and add some color to our lives with an abstract painting of our old Des Moines apartment:
Here we are, working away and getting dirty!

This is another favorite, spontaneous and special:
We ALL had a really great time, and I am excited to get our art framed or matted and placed around the apartment. What a fun reminder our our time in Honduras and at Discovery School!


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  1. That looks like a lot of fun!
    Nice pictures!


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