Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another New Family Member and Visitors, Too! :)

Kristen says...

We have a niece!!! :) I am very excited!!! Norah Grace was born on Wednesday! She is the baby of my brother Daniel and his wife, Amanda, and she is so cute! :) We skyped with her the day after she was born, but I can't wait to meet her in person this summer!!

Welcome, baby Norah! :-D

One of the coolest things is that Norah was my maternal grandpa's first great-granddaughter, and she was born on his 87th birthday!

Yay baby niece! :)

Oh by the way, Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! Today is one of my favorite, not because of the green beer! (I'm not much of a drinker)...and not because I'm Irish, although I am, on my mom's side...

I like St. Patrick's Day for 3 reasons:
1) I get to wear my favorite shirt, which is white with all colors of green can tell it's my favorite because it shows up A LOT in pictures of last summer, when I entered my tatting in the fair, and earlier when I got to snuggle with Ezra, back when he was my one and only nephew (I love being an aunt x 3!!! Ezra, Jackson, and Norah are all AWESOME!!!), and of course I took it with me when we took my birthday trip to Guatemala and I got to snuggle with Chris on the Spousal Resting Bench :)

2) Everyone wears green, which is my second favorite color, and I get to do funny things like tape green construction paper to my glasses (2nd grade) or wear funny shamrock-alien antennae:

3) I get to pinch people who don't wear green! Hope you didn't get pinched today! :)

Today's St. Patrick's Day was somewhat bittersweet, though, because my sister Rebecca and her husband Jay (Ezra's parents) left to go back to Iowa today...which of course means they had to have been here to visit, which is true! :)

I love having visitors! Why else live in a foreign country unless your parents or siblings can come visit you? ;)

Rebecca and Jay flew into San Pedro Sula last worked out really well because they wanted to visit the Caribbean coast and I needed to be in SPS for my teacher's conference.

Chris took the bus up to meet was quite nice, it dropped him off right at La Ensenada, the resort we stayed in Tela. I met Rebecca and Jay at the SPS airport and we had a nice hour+ taxi ride from SPS to Tela with a VERY religious and chatty taxi driver...thank goodness Rebecca speaks fluent, beautiful Spanish! :)

Once we were all in Tela and settled into our lovely 2-bedroom 4-bathroom habitaciĆ³n, we basically spent the next three days (Sat PM-Tuesday AM) eating, sleeping, swimming, and hammocking! We didn't even go explore Tela, we just stayed at the resort. What a life! :)

We all *MAY* have gotten a little sunburned...

We left for Teguc on Tuesday afternoon...Chris had a very good experience on the bus going to Tela, but our trip back was s-l-o-w! However, we made it back and had some good times in Teguc.

I had to work Wednesday and Thursday (oh, yeah, it's still the school year!) ;), so while I was working Rebecca, Jay and Chris went to the mall, el Centro, and to the Cristo Picacho statue. Then yesterday we had a shopping day! We started out at the pewter factor and ended up in Valle. Rebecca and Jay really enjoyed walking around the beautiful city and eating delicious paletas! Good times!

Rebecca also brought me a really cute new skirt, and it ended up we were opposite-twins for the day! :)
We had a wonderful week-long was so nice to get to see my sister! :)

Lots of fun and interesting things are happening down here...we'll update you all soon...


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  1. I have the same picture of my feet in the hammock. Great minds think alike! It was a great trip; thanks for being wonderful hosts. :)


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