Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh, Where to Even Begin?!

Kristen says...

Well hello there, strangers!

Of course, you're not the strangers, we's been WAY too long since anyone's updated I've decided to remedy that.

Now, where to begin? It's actually been quite a busy time since our last post. Let's see...
March went out still hot, although not as "esmoky" as I thought it would be, which is great! :)

The first week of April was lovely...ah, Semana Santa! Similarly to last year we didn't go anywhere, not even to Comayagua for the alfombras. We were planning to go to Ojojona for the carpets there, but ended up just staying home and enjoying Teguc without traffic! :)

Of course, no "time off" from school is really completely off...there's so much to do to keep busy, planning for the rest of the semester and such. I was also trying to keep the weight off (no school = a lot of baking and eating) and to keep up with my Live Healthy Iowa team by working out a lot when all the trouble happened...

It all began during a 5-mile walking workout I was "enjoying" in the comfort of my own bedroom...I like to drink a little water when I am doing my walking and sometimes a little spills...or maybe I "glowed" a little on the floor...either way, there was apparently a little something other than dirt on the floor, and during one of the movements my foot slipped about 8-inches on the floor.

I didn't think anything of it at the time, it didn't hurt or even feel weird...that day. By the next day, Friday, I'd completely forgotten about it. And then when I went to bed on Saturday, I noticed I couldn't quite get lower back just felt a little weird. By Sunday night, I was taking Tylenol PM to fall asleep, and on Monday I fought PAIN. By Tuesday (first day back from Semana Santa) I'd had enough and took a couple hours sick leave to visit our friendly neighborhood chiropractor, a lovely Canadian gent who has worked on Chris and many of our friends...and now of course, me.

So I went to the chiropractor, and the first thing the good doctor did was look at my FEET...because they have something to with back pain?? Well, actually, it turns out they do. Chris has been telling me for years, although I never would have actually believed it, I have flat feet! I now own and wear orthopedic shoe inserts, doctor's orders...

Next the doctor looked at my spine. Apparently, through genetics, or poor posture or who knows what, it's become something like a shallow "s", in at the bottom and out at the top. Who knew?! A back brace, a big old bulky white thing, is now supposed to be worn when I'm going to be on my feet for a good long while (hahaha, have I ever mentioned I'm a teacher?)...

Finally he takes a look at my back (OUCH!). He popped it twice, tractioned it, and then had his in-house masseuse give me a lovely and relaxing massage.

Of course my back hurt worse the next day, but it's slowly on the mend now. He's never told me what's really wrong, but the words "sprain" and "herniated disk" have both been thrown around. Le sigh. I asked him today if I'd ever be able to get rid of the orthopedics (let's be honest, the back brace isn't going to be used much longer than I have the pain, and it may not even make it that long)...the short answer was no, so I'll be looking into some new shoes next time I'm in the States.

After school got back to business, and just when I was getting settled back into the routine, two things came along to disrupt it.

First of all, there was the car. Yes, the car again. Chris keeps having to remind me that it really is a good car. It's body is solid, no rust spots or anything, and only a bump here and there. It has new tires, and a full spare...and a newly re-built transmission. Newly as in we just got it back today. Newly as in, we just had it fixed in November, but apparently it wasn't really fixed and was in danger of blowing up on us...gah! Apparently, even after almost two years in Honduras we are STILL super-trusting Midwesterners.

But it's fixed now, and apparently better than it was when we bought it, so that's nice.

Secondly, we had our annual Model United Nations competition last, I don't like to brag or anything, but my students are AWESOME!!!!! I took 8 students competing in 5 different committees, and we came away with 3 medals! Two of my students won Best Delegate in their respective committees, and another won Honorable Mention, or 2nd place. Other awards my kids won were: Future UN Delegate (3), Best Alliance (3), Bazooka/Attacks (1) and Encyclopedia (1). One of the resolutions co-written by one of my students was even read on national television. I'm so proud!

Of course, along with the awesome competition was the awesome of the perks of Model UN is that the competition located in La Ceiba, on the north coast, and when we go we stay at a resort townhouse owned by one of my students, so we got some sun and surf along with our medals. :)

Here's some pictures for you...

And this is just the pool...
Haha, check out the last rule of the English section!

It's not Iowa, but it's awfully nice!
Palm trees and sandy beaches
My ocean-loving boy...I think he lived on the coast in another life...

See what I mean?
So there are jellyfish in the north, too!
From the dock
Down the beach from the resort
Needless to say, it was a great weekend! (sorry for the wacky photo-formatting, BTW...Blogger changed up the formatting and I can't seem to figure out how to move the pictures where I want them. Blah.)

We got back last Saturday, and have spent the rest of this week getting back to our routine again. Of course, we didn't have our car the first half of the week, but we survived and are mobile again...hopefully we won't be too busy breaking in that new transmission to blog! :)

Believe it or not, there are only six weeks of school left!! This school year has gone so fast...

Thanks for reading!

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