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A Tour of Tegus

Kristen says...

Hello again:

I'm not sure how many times we may have mentioned this on the blog, but Tegus is really at its best on Sunday. The town is so quiet! The traffic is light, and the people who are out on the road aren't in a hurry, not tailgating or honking, they're just driving, and will get where they're going eventually, if not before.

So, of course a Sunday during Semana Santa is just compounded's Sunday-quiet plus half the normal Sunday drivers are out of's the perfect day for a Tour of Tegus!

Which is exactly what we did on the first Sunday of Semana Santa.

It was Chris' idea, that we should take advantage of the lack of traffic to drive around and snap pictures of some of the places in Tegus. I decided that not only would we take the "touristy" type places (such as they are...) but also some of our more often-visited haunts as well. I lived in London for 4 months 8 (!) years ago and am now to the point of having trouble remembering the names of the regular places I visited, like grocery stores. (It's Sainsbury's and Waitrose...Sainsbury's was farther away and had lovely bright orange bags, so I can remember that one better. I used to take my rolling suitcase to put my groceries in and bring them home. Waitrose was smaller, closer, and had green bags, and not as extensive of a selection. I also remember it being more expensive. Because I didn't go there as often, it's the one I usually forget. I can always remember it began with a W, but then I doubt myself and want to call it Tesco, which was a different place entirely, a really small almost convenience store that was just around the block from my home, and where I went to buy my Galaxy chocolate late at night...ah, memories.) But my point is that if I had pictures of these places I would remember them better!

So, we loaded Pip in the car and set of to take pictures of all the places we don't want to forget.

Here are some highlights:
Ok, I know it looks like a wall...but there's two things I like about it.  A) It's near our house so we drive by it a lot. B) It's a wall showing what they can do, like a permanent billboard or's the same thing brickmasons in Bruge did in the 1500s! I have a photo of it! It's a way for a mason to show all the things he can do, and then the customer can come by and choose the style he likes. :) Oh yes, I am a nerd!
Tumulos! (Or as we from the States call them, speed bumps!) You can't drive in Tegus without hitting a few of these babies.
Potholes: You also can't drive without seeing one of these...potholes! I actually took this shot because of the Suyapa Cathedral in the middle there, but it's pretty perfect with the speedbump in the foreground...they are all over here!
Suyapa Cathedral and the Anillo Periferico: We haven't been able to go see this beautiful cathedral up close and personal because it's supposed to be a little dangerous, but we found a place that lets us take a nice straight-on picture from afar...In front you can see the Anillo Periferico, or ring road, which basically encircles Tegus like a ring (hence the name). It's hard to get anywhere here without getting on the Anillo first.
Paiz: My supermarket of choice here, because they have a great selection of the stuff I want (usually), lowest prices (usually), and the most convenient parking (usually)
La Colonia: Paiz's rival and my second choice for supermercado. La Colonia usually has whatever Paiz doesn't have, and does have a better selection of goods from the US. Bascially, if I want just everyday cooking stuff; veggies, bread, meat, I'll go to Paiz. If I want frosting, heavy whipping cream, peanut butter, or other specialty stuff, I'll go here. Or Mas X Menos.
Or Stock.
Stock: This is actually "old Stock," new Stock was closed when we were driving around and I liked this picture better. Plus, this is the first Stock we went to on our second or third day in Tegus. Stock is a lovey mish-mash of basically everything you could want, and a lot of other stuff you wonder why anyone would buy. It's a fun place!
94.1: Ok, this is not a picture of Tegus, but it was taken in our car, actually...94.1 (read, noventa y cuatro punto uno, su F-M (phonetically: eff-ay em-ay) was the first radio station we listened to here, and is usually playing the best (and the worst) of the late 70s, 80s, and early 90s. They love Michael Jackson and seem to play a good amount of New Kids on the Block, so it's a good station for me!
Espresso Americano: Coffee shop. These are ALL OVER here! One of my students said this company is the reason Starbucks didn't make it in Honduras. I believe it.
Pollos del Valle: Best whole roasted chicken I've had in my life! The mix of spices they use is so delicious, and you get a whole chicken for Lps. 110 (about $5.50). Throw in 10 tortillas for Lps. 10 and make a quick onion salad at home, and you have a delicious meal! This is often our go-to meal when I'm coming home late-ish from school, because it's very easy to pass by here on my way home.

Discovery: Speaking of school, I thought it would be fun to take a picture of one of the multitude of road signs that points out how to get to our school. The address for the place roughly translates to "off the Anillo," so sometimes it's hard to find your way there...luckily these signs are there to guide your way. (And do you see the Espresso Americano sign in the background there? Yes, our students and staff are really happy about that one!) The reddish roofs under the sign are the school. My classroom is the under the lower, RH side red roof.
The Goose: As you come into town from Valle de Angeles (or exit the Anillo to get to Pollos del Valle) you often pass the funny sight you see above; a goose standing with its foot tied to an old tire, presumably a living billboard advertising the variety of fowl wandering near it. It makes a pretty (and funny) picture with the city in the background. The blue building to its left is the big Tigo building I drive by daily. Tigo is also our cell phone provider down here.

So there you go, a little Tour of Tegus...of course, there are lots of other pictures I didn't put up, and lots of other places still to photograph, but it gives you an idea of what you see when you are on a TeguciAdventure!


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  1. Great pictures, and it help me remember seeing some of those places.
    You'll have a lot of great memories both to look at and in your minds.
    I want to see more!


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