Sunday, January 6, 2013

T Minus 1 Week and Counting!

Kristen says...

Well, we are in the final stretch. Within a week, we will be in Russia.


We still have so much to do!!! (Chris just came in and disagreed with this statement (I am glad he is confident), but I stand by it...)

For example, this week alone includes pre-packout, actual packout, getting the car serviced and ready to go, buying the rest of our stuff to ship, Pip's final vet visit, and a "quick" trip to Richmond to get his documents signed by the USDA, sorting our stuff, packing, etc...

And that's on top of all the other things we have already done, which include multiple calls to the airlines to make sure Pip will be on all three of our flights, e-mails back and forth with people on the ground in Russia, researching...

Oh, and my Russian Language test, which was last Friday.

I was so nervous!

I had the choice to take the test either before we went to Iowa or after, and I chose after, because the whole point of me being in the "long course" class was to be studying for as long as possible and finish as close as possible to the time that we left...still, I'll never know if taking from the 21st of December to the 2nd of January "off" (at least off of 8 hrs a day of study) possibly took its toll on my score...

When I was trying to explain my score to my family, I found that this website does a nice job of explaining the different levels. My final score was a 1+ in speaking and a 1+ in reading, which is, again, according to that website, "Elementary Proficiency." But lest you think I am disappointed by these scores, I will just pass on some information that was shared with me. After 16 lessons of the course I was taking people are "supposed" to be at a 2/ being at a 1+/1+ after just 7 lessons is nothing to sneeze at.

So obviously all the weeks (20!) of Russian work paid off. I am very happy with my score, and it gives me slight confidence heading into "all-Russian all-the-time" mode...emphasis on slight.

So even though the next week's tasks will be 99.5% conducted in English, I am still slightly overwhelmed with all that must be done between now and our departure. I'm not sure if I will have another chance to blog before we go to Russia, or how long it will take us to get Internet capability once we get there, so who knows when this will be updated again...

So let's just say, "До скорой встречи!" (See you soon!) and hope it is so! :)

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