Friday, January 25, 2013

Apartment and Food in Vladivostok

Kristen says...

Greetings from the 13th floor! (Good thing we're not superstitious!!)

Chris pointed out that a week ago right now we were sleeping during our first night in Vladivostok...I can't believe it's been a week since we got here already!!

As you know, we started the week in a hotel in the center of the city, but we are ending it in our home for the next two years, which is really quite exciting! It's nice to be able to stay put for a while! We got here on Wednesday, and we're already making the place feel like home, even if 90% of our stuff won't arrive for over a month. :/

Here are a few photos if you're interested:
Living favorite in the house!
"Bath" toilet here... (it's down the hall!)
Our "Maisy" room...we already pulled down the border :)
Dining room
Futuristic/Retro kitchen (why yes, those cabinets are metal)
Any guesses as to what this is?! 10 points if you're correct!
Pip found a new hiding place a la Honduras
Best feature...built-in laundry hanger in the 4-seasons room!
 We also have a pretty sweet view out of one side of our apartment...


It continues to be pretty chilly here, and yesterday we saw our first snow.

One of the things I really like about where we're living is that we live less than half a block away from a grocery I make my daily sojourn down the hill to buy that night's food. Since our stuff isn't here I don't have any of my baking dishes, crock pot, or Kitchen Aid mixer, so I'm being creative with the 3 pots, 1 skillet, and, randomly enough, bread pan I was given in the far we've had a rarebit-style scalloped potato dish and tonight we made "quesadillas" with rice, Russian cheese, cherry tomatoes and onion using a very thin Russian bread, thicker than a tortilla but thinner than naan. It was surprisingly delicious! :)

Food here is interesting...I have been to the grocery store three times in three days, so I've had some time to really look at the boxes...because I have food allergies I have to be careful about making sure I avoid certain things...which is hard when I don't know what they are called in Russian! :)

So far I think I've done well, or at least I haven't had any reactions (knock on wood!) To be honest I've pretty much stuck to what I know and recognize, but today I did try out one new Russian food, pirogi (not to be confused with Polish pierogi...they are different, although spelled interchangeably from what I can see!).

Pirogi is like a filled bun, kind of like the Russian empanada, samosa or calzone...
 You can fill it with anything, I assume, but popular fillings here include potatoes, onions, cabbage/sauerkraut and meat...
I had one of the potato and onion (and maybe cabbage, I couldn't tell) variety was pretty good!
 I'm definitely going to have to try my had at making these before we leave Russia...maybe I can make a Russian friend who will teach me! :)

Also I'm noticing a lot of meat and seafood-flavored chips here... I'm not sure I will ever get up the guts to try those! :)

All-in-all, getting into the apartment has been good for's given me a sense of permanence and made me feel a lot more at home. As I said to Chris when we first walked into the apartment, "I can live here..."



  1. I told you about that seafood!! You are allergic to nuts and soy, right? SO you should be looking for Соя (соевый)(soy) и орехи (nuts) - арахис (peanuts), грецкий орех (walnut). Don't know what other nuts you might be allergic to since I don't know a whole lot about nuts at all. I did not know about pecans until I moved to the US, so I am not sure if they are not grown/sold/used so widely in RUssia or what. Don't even know a Russian name for them! :)

  2. So glad you guys are moved in and happy! Love seeing all the standard State furniture! :) Here's hoping your HHE arrives sooner than expected!

  3. hooray! So glad I got to see some pictures. Can't wait to hear your impressions of everything. :)

  4. Great pictures! I enjoy seeing and reading about the food. Love you!

  5. Looking forward to seeing more! Glad to hear you three made it to Vlad safely. All the best. Dan S.

  6. Wonderful view! Just above my ex-school where I used to study half of childhood. And now I'm in Wellington NZ watching this photo with most recognizable in my life view from US citizen blog :) Life is suprizing!


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