Saturday, May 31, 2014

Russia's American Pastime

Kristen says...

Happy Memorial Day! (A week late...oops!) :)

Last weekend, (Memorial Day weekend) members of the Consulate communities in Vladivostok were invited to play a friendly game of baseball vs. a local amateur team, the Vladivostok Tigers.

So, we did!

Three of the Americans from our Consulate were joined by two members of the Indian Consulate to form the core of a team supplemented by some local university students...
Chris wasn't able to attend due to some ongoing shoulder pain, poor guy!
 I'm not going to say we were awesome (I think the most recently any of us had played baseball was maybe 5-10 years, if ever) but we did have a WHOLE LOT of fun!
I played softball from the time I was 5 or 6 (tee ball) on through the summer after my junior year of high school...actually the shirt I'm wearing here was from my major league softball days (age 10-12) in Iowa. Good times!!

The Tigers were not only good at baseball, they were also good sports about throwing hit-able balls to us baseball novices...I was up to bat 4 times and got 4 hits! I even outran two balls at first base and scored a run in the last inning!

One of the best parts of the day was teaching the two Indians how to play baseball. They were both well-versed in cricket, but had never played baseball before. I had a great time explaining the intricacies of the game to them, and was even able to use my (very small) cricket knowledge to compare and contrast a bit.

What a fun and American way to spend our Memorial Day weekend! I love the small moments that make even the farthest-away places feel like home! :)

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