Saturday, June 14, 2014

Home Again :)

Kristen says...

Home is so nice!

Pip and I traveled halfway around the world last week and we are in Iowa! :) (Poor Chris had to work, but it sounds like he is having some fun in Russia, too!)

I have to say, this was my best trip home ever, from a flight standpoint at least, because I got to fly FIRST CLASS!! Whoo hoo!!

It was so awesome! I am so spoiled now, I don't know how I will ever fly coach again!

Check out this food!
Pretzel roll :)
Veggie soup
Steak, beans and potatoes (except I already ate the potatoes)
Oh, and dessert! :) Yum yum yum!!

We had just two flights home, one to Japan and then on to Chicago. I saw Pip briefly in Japan, and had just a wonderful experience with United's PetSafe program. Hooray!

My awesome Mom picked us up at the Chicago airport and drove us home--Pip rode shotgun and LOVED being out of his kennel after over 15 hours of travel!!

Since getting home Pip and I have been getting over our jet lag and enjoying all my nieces, nephews, parents and siblings. So much fun and family!
It was so nice to be able to celebrate Father's Day with my papa and three of my four siblings!

Also, I need to point out how beautiful Iowa is!!

I miss this place when I'm gone!


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