Thursday, November 6, 2014

Recent Cultural Experiences

Kristen says...

We have been involved in a couple different cultural experiences over the past weeks here in Vlad. The first was a quasi-American experience, while the second was very, very Russian.

Just like last year, we were recently visited by a few American actors who were in town for the Vladivostok/Pacific Meridian Film Festival including:
Stephen Baldwin
Michael Madsen (again)
Oscar Winner Adrien Brody
 I also got to meet (and chat with for quite a while) the delightful Alexander Pyatkov (Александр Пятков), a well-known Russian actor and a funny funny guy.

This past weekend we were invited to attend a really well put together Folk Dancing Festival, in which the various types of dance found in and around Russia were showcased.

We were treated to everything from traditional dances

to ballet,

modern dance,
the dance above was about colors, the one below about pancakes!

international flavors,

all the way to the downright adorable!

 So cute, right?!

Anyway, lucky us, culture is so fun! We're trying to soak in as much Russian culture as we can before we leave...which is amazingly soon...yikes!



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    1. Thanks, Jane! It was really nice, I love cultural "stuff" like that! :)


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