Sunday, January 25, 2015

Two Weeks to Go!

Kristen says...

Amazing. In just two weeks, off we go to Australia. So weird.

Of course, before we fly west we had to travel east, for two weeks in DCland...

We always try to drive rather than fly, partly because it's a fun way to get back in touch with the U.S., and partly because it's easier on Pip. 

Iowa to DCLand is a 15+ hr trip, so two long days or three easy ones, depending on how long you want to drive each day. Even with the "short" (6-7 hrs) days, we were all glad to arrive and get settled in our last stop before Australia!

Of course, we arrived this morning, just in time for a major weather system to roll on tonight. Yay. :) Here's hoping all of Chris' classes are held this week!


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