Saturday, February 7, 2015

Catching Up before Canberra

Kristen says...

We're just days (DAYS!!!) from heading to Canberra, so I thought I'd better udpate the blog with what we've been doing since we left Vlad...

So let's see, on our way back to the States from Vlad we stopped over in Tokyo, Japan for a few days. We really enjoyed walking around the city and eating local foods (like green tea ice cream, YUM!) enjoyed our amazing hotel and Chris got to celebrate his birthday in the Happiest Place on earth...Tokyo Disneyland!

After Tokyo we flew home, just in time to spend Christmas and New Years with our family

We had a really nice month at home (full of sick people, unfortunately)

But eventually we had to say goodbye and head to DC...

Luckily my "baby" brother and his wife were able to fly out and spend a couple days with us!! We went to the zoo, the Washington Monument, the Library of Congress, the Capitol, and saw lots of other fun DC sights (including a skink, an Australian reptile!)!

Yesterday we dropped Pip off so he could start heading for Australia...he has 10 days of quarantine ahead of him, so he gets a head start on us...sniff!!!

Luckily I had an AMAZING experience last night to distract me from my sadness...Jamie Cullum is one of my favorite artists EVER and I have been wanting to see him live since I first heard of him in 2004...amazingly enough, he was scheduled to play DC last night and we scored tickets!!!!!

It was really, really great!!!

The concert was at the Lincoln Theater which is right next door to Ben's Chili Bowl, so we had to stop by for a chili dog after the show...when in DC, right?!

So, I think that brings us up to today...with just days left in the States, we are making final plans, purchases, and packing decisions...

Next post from Canberra!


  1. Have a safe trip all three of you. 'See' you in Oz.

    1. You could, you know, see us in Oz...we have an extra bedroom and would love visitors! :)


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