Saturday, March 14, 2015

Our First Few Weeks in Canberra

Kristen says...

Gosh I love Australia. It's a great place to be! (Even if it does take WEEKS to get a decent Internet connection...)

Anyway, the Internet is connected and I have soooo much to catch up on!

We've been here less than a month, but already we have been really, really busy! (So, get ready for lots and lots of photos!!)

It's easy to be busy here--the weather has been gorgeous (average between 65° and 85°F) and very sunny, and it's late summer here, so there are lots of fun activities planned. We have a goal to get out and see things while we're here, and so far I think we have succeeded! :)

So where to start?

How about with our new house? We are so lucky to have an actual house, with no shared walls and on a lovely also has a good-sized yard for Pip to play in (although in lieu of grass we have wood he pretty much spends most of his time on the porch.

When we're not at home, we're either at work or enjoying one of the many summer activities Canberra has been offering, like:

The Color Run
We didn't participate (because, running) but we did catch the very end as we strolled around...crazy!
Enlighten (An annual event where many major Canberra public buildings are lit up by huge often-changing light was really cool to see!)
Old Parliament building
One of the many projectors
Questacon (the Science Center)
Same building (Questacon), different projection 
These look like banners, but they are projections!
Guess...what do you think Fairy Floss is?
It's cotton candy!! 
It even has an en"light"ened stick inside. So cool :)
One of the lighted features of Enlighten; paper boats floating on Lake Burley Griffin
One of my favorite projections--the dandelion petals blew all the way across the building...really cool! 

Golfing! Chris can't wait for all our things to arrive so he can hit the real golf courses...until then we're settling for the driving range and mini putt!

 The Canberra Show (Cultural note: What they call a show in Canberra, we in the U.S. would call a Fair...I had no idea when we went to the Canberra Show that we would be going to what amounts to the closest thing to the Iowa State Fair in Australia! AWESOME!!!)
The midway 
This building had a guinea pig show upstairs and the crafts contest downstairs (including fabrics and threads, woodworking,  jewelry, paper crafts, even millenary (hat making)!)
The lacemaking section (tatting included!)
This building had the food contests (prepared as well as vegetables and fruit) as well as flowers, and on the other side, varied industries booths
Award-winning veggies
I think the Iowa State Fair needs to start up this contest--fruit arranging!
 Balloon Spectacular! (Because who doesn't want to wake up and watch balloons go up at 6:15 am...really, who doesn't?)
So many balloons, so little sunlight!
One side of my face is so much brighter than the other because there is a large lamp lighting the area
It was so weird how close we were able to get to the balloons...and how close the balloons were to each other! They were definitely touching as they were inflated
Hello, moon
I just can't get over how close these balloons are to each other!
We look pretty good for how early we got up! :)
There were some really funnily shaped balloons!
We are also enjoying some of the wildlife we've been interacting with (SOME of it), and noticing some of the...interesting products available
Baby blue-tongued lizards
A wild kangaroo! 
Kangaroo and car races
Otherwise known as eggs...
They are all about pre-mixed alcohol here--this is lemonade and vodka, but you can also get rum and cola, Jack and cola, etc pre-mixed at any liquor store (or bar, apparently)
OK maybe this isn't so weird...Foster's is "Australian for beer", in America at least! Here, it's not so popular.
OK, you still with me? 

Sorry, that was a lot of pictures...but we have been so busy!!! It has been so much fun! And the fun continues tonight with Skyfire...hooray!



  1. What an interesting post. It's really good to have you back online again. Although you're now on the opposite side of the world you are very much part of my life and I've missed your posts.

    1. :) Thanks Jane! :) We still talk about how much fun we had visiting you last summer, it's too bad Australia is so far from Stratford Upon Avon...but maybe our next posting will be in Europe...I can wish, anyway! :):):):):)

  2. Enjoyed every picture and word!

    1. Oh good. :) I always worry that I put too many pictures, but I love to go back and look at them, so I figure others out there might find at least some of what I post interesting. I like to give a bit of variety. :)


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