Saturday, March 21, 2015

Skyfire and Our First Rugby Match...and Some Really Good Food!

22 March 2015
Kristen says...

Well, it's been another busy, sun-filled week Down Under...I've been told the outdoor fun slows down in winter (we're just entering fall now) but so far, there is no sign of that!

This week we have explored a few of the more delicious places in Canberra (because now I'm working and so have less motivation to cook every day!) One of the places we went is located less than a half mile from our house, and with desserts like this:
Chocolate mint mousse and sticky-toffy fig pudding
 I think we found a new regular.

We also went out on Friday to the oldest pub in Canberra, where I had my first-ever LLB (lemon-lime and bitters).
I'll stick to being the DD, thank you very much.

Besides being Canberra's oldest pub, the bar is also home to some resident rodents...
Can you spot the opossum?
 Here he is!
This is the men's bathroom, by the way. Yikes!
Last weekend we went to Skyfire, an annual fireworks display:

The next day we went to the season opener for one of the local Rugby teams, the Canberra Raiders. Neither of us had ever seen a Rugby match live before, and hadn't really watched much of the sport before arriving down here, but I think we were able to follow the game fairly well, and half the fun was listening to the commentary from the fans...

Our first scrum! 
The mascot
Chris and I decided the G10 Stadium is really very nice!
This sign basically says exactly how we feel right now:
Indeed :)

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