Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I am a small town girl. I love the idea of living in a place where you don't have to drive miles to get to a grocery store, where people know you, your parents, your grandparents--a place with just one school...

But I do have to say, living in a city has some distinct advantages. 

Museums, for example. While there are some fine museums in small towns, in general it's easier to find world-class exhibits in larger places--like the one Chris and I went to last night. 

Interesting-looking, isn't it? 

This is an outdoor installation at the National Gallery, a grass-covered hill, surrounded by water, but hollow inside with a hole in the top:

This hill is actually an outdoor exhibit by American artist James Turrell. He has a light-inspired exhibit currently ongoing inside the museum, but what we visited last night is, I believe, permanent. 

The basic idea is to visit the scene around 5:45, am or pm...what you witness between 5:45 and 6:05 is really pretty spectacular...

Check out the time stamps below:

Keep in mind, what you are looking at here are photos of the sky through a hole (maybe 2 meters in diameter) at the top of a dome...the colors are changing based on how the light from the sky enters the dome...and the color can shift fairly quickly:

Weird, right?! And then 5 minutes later you're here:

Crazy, right?!

The colors ran the spectrum, from pink to green to blue to orange to white...and all based on the placement of the sun in the sky. 

It was awesome!! Simple, but awesome!

This all happened within the span of 20 minutes...

Really, really cool. And free. Who could ask for anything more?

Cities: not all bad. ;)


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    1. Thanks. I'm not sure I explained it very well, or even if the photos show how amazing it was, even though it was just changing lights...some things just don't translate well except in real life, I think...


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