Monday, November 14, 2016

... ... a late update

Kristen says...

Oh my goodness it has been a LONG time since I posted on our blog!! It's amazing how busy life can be, and how easily some things slip through the cracks...

I'd love to say I'm turning over a new leaf and will be more diligent about the blog, but I can't make that promise--I'll just say I'll try and leave it at that. :)

Anyway, to catch you up on the past year, we're still in Australia, and still loving every minute of it. We have just a few months left and then will move on to our next post, something I know I'm in some ways trying to pretend isn't happening, even though I'm excited about the future and where we're going next.

School is still awesome, and the end of the year is coming ever-closer, which of course means lots of work and near-constant exhaustion. A four-day camp with 100+ 7th graders didn't help with the exhaustion, but it was, as always, an experience.

We've been able to take advantage of school holidays to travel to many places in Australia, and I made a short trip home in April to see my family, which was really nice. I got to meet my (then) two newest nieces, and one tried to come back home with me :)

We've been to both coasts and the middle of the country, and taken trains, planes and automobiles to get there. Highlights were definitely the Pinnacles and sandboarding in Western Australia (although not the jellyfish stings!):

taking the Ghan to see Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Alice Springs in the center:

and of course might be my new favorite city. I'm going to miss it!

We've hosted a couple of foster greyhounds, which was awesome, but also emotionally draining. They're so beautiful, and it was hard to say goodbye. Pip is still doing well, but his age is starting to catch up to him a bit--we started him on medicine and testing for Cushing's Disease a few months ago. Just afterwards, he broke his tail while at the boarder's, and lost over half of his tail as a result, but that, at least, hasn't slowed him down. He's found a new love of walking and often tries to keep me out much longer than we have time for first thing in the morning.

 Last weekend we got to go to the Marine Ball--it's always fun to dress up.

 So there, now we're all caught up...

 Until the next time...let's hope it's sooner than a year!



  1. How lovely to hear from you. PLEASE don't leave it so long till your next blog post. Wonder where you'll be going next? You need to tell us that as soon as you know. Also you've forgotten to show us any tatting!!!

  2. Thanks for the update, I wondered what you were up to!


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