Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving is over, but I am still giving thanks!

Kristen says...

Well, as expected we had a busy but fun long Thanksgiving weekend.

To start with, I must say it was SO nice to have 4 days off! And since both Chris and I had both Thursday and Friday, it was nice that we got to spend almost the entire weekend together...especially since he leaves Tuesday to go back to the States...and I don't. :(

But to focus on happier things: Thanksgiving.

We woke up (a bit late on my part) on Thursday morning, then speed-cleaned the apartment because 2 women from Mi Esperanza (a fabulous organization that provides job skills training/money-making ability to underprivileged Honduran women) were coming to measure my windows and take me out to look for fabric for my new curtains!!! :)

We spent a very happy (on my part) going to 2 different fabric shops and finding some fabric that I am really excited about. We went with a solid color for Chris' and my bedroom, a floral for the guest room, and some really cool leaves for the sala...but I'm not going to say more until I have the curtains...

Which might be a while, because I really want grommets in them, and unfortunately grommets of the size I need aren't available in Honduras? So I might just get some when I am in the States over Christmas...we'll see...

We finished the shopping around 2ish, then jetted over to the home one of my students to have Thanksgiving dinner. It was so nice, we had 3 invitations to Thanksgiving dinner this year, and I wish we could have accepted them all...but we made it to 2 of the 3, so that's not bad :)

Both of us are used to having Thanksgiving with family, so this spending the day with friends thing was different, but nice in many ways. For one thing, it was VERY multi-cultural! We had people hailing from the US (of course), Honduras (naturally), El Salvador, Germany, and India!

We really only knew my student and her dad before going there (and another student who joined us) so we met some new and interesting people, and had some wonderful conversations about Honduras and other parts of the world, food allergies, the Peace Corp, dogs, and Indian food. And we had Indian food, as one of the guests brought samosas!! We were all encouraging her to open a restaurant here, as Indian food is sadly lacking in this city!

The food was so, so good! It's amazing how great turkey tastes when you haven't had it in a long time! Our chef was vegetarian, so I thought it was really nice of her to take the time and energy to make turkey for the rest of us. Other highlights were stuffing (vegan, very different but good--and with a secret ingredient, too), DELICIOUSLY dense rolls, and a spinach salad. We had almond and chili carrot cake for desert, which Chris assured me was "muy rico" as he finished off my piece (after eating his, too).

Although we missed our parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, etc, we did decide that one of the nice things about not having Thanksgiving with family is that you are less comfortable eating everything in sight, so we were both comfortably full when we left to meet up with our Embassy friends for Thanksgiving #2...they were done eating but were having FABULOUS home-made ice cream (check out Sarah's blog Conejita Cooks about ALL the great and delicious things she made--she even gives recipes!!) so of course I had some of that. We let it all digest while playing Rock Band...it was a great day!

On Friday (Black Friday) we became one in spirit with many of our fellow United Statesians and went shopping!! Specifically, we went to Valle de Angeles (one of my favorite places down here) and bought...a lot. I can't tell you specifically what we bought because some of the people who will be getting it read the blog periodically and I don't want to give any Christmas surprises away...but let's just say I am really excited about every single thing we purchased. I'll put up pics once they have been unwrapped!

Saturday morning I taught a (4-hour!!) English lesson, and Saturday afternoon we were invited to and attended a birthday party at the home of one of our school's Honduran support staff. Santos has been inviting me over since the beginning of the year, but it just hadn't ever worked out until Saturday. We met her at a local chicken restaurant (we're having chicken from there tonight, in fact) and she directed us to her home.

It was a very nice home, small but inviting. We were given SO MUCH food; tamalitos de frijoles (little bean tamales), home-made baliadas (flour tortilla with cheese and beans), and deep-fried cheese empanadas (something like grilled cheese only better!) We also had a VERY VERY sweet birthday cake with meringue frosting...

And, of course, we spent the entire time speaking in Spanish, as none of the 10+ people who were in the house at any given time spoke English. It was an excellent exercise in attempting to have a conversation in Spanish, and I'm going to call it a win. There were some things I couldn't say, but they either prompted me into what I wanted to say or I figured out how to express myself.

There was a really cute little girl there, 6 years old, who wanted me to teach her English, so we practiced saying and pointing to our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, arm, hair, and hands. We also wrote out and practiced the alphabet. I'm not sure how much she would remember today, but it was pretty cute when she was practicing it.

Sunday was a nothing day...literally, we did nothing but eat and be lazy (ok I guess I did a bit of lesson planning). Neither of us even took showers. :) It was a great way to end a busy, long, fabulous weekend!

This weekend will also be great...we are making our third trip to Amapala! We both really want some sort of tan before we go home to the snow of Iowa... (I started listening to Christmas music this week...it's been averaging about 75 degrees the past week, so it feels a bit like I'm listening to it in July...weird!!)

And speaking of Iowa, I should be an aunt to a newborn Iowan by the end of next week!! I am so excited!! :):):)

Sorry for the lack of pictures--Chris has them all on his phone, I will try to get him to upload them ASAP.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and are looking forward to the holidays (or at least the break) ahead!



  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! We're really glad you guys made it out for dessert and rockband!

  2. Me too! We had a great job! Thanks for having a great blog to link to :) It was pertinent. Looking forward to Amapala this weekend!


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