Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update en el Español...

Kristen says...

I reached Rosetta Stone Level 3 Unit 3 today...if you remember, I made the goal for myself (2 months ago yesterday) to be through with RS Level 3 by the time I go home for Christmas break.

Well, at this point it's looking a bit iffy...it seems that the pace of 1 unit/month is about what I can achieve...I completed Levels 1 and 2 (8 units total) between December 22 and September 22 (9 months, so just about a unit/month). I have completed half of Level 3 in the past 2 months, again, completing 1 unit/month. Today is the 23rd of November, and I am going home on December 17. I will need to cut my pace in half in order to meet my goal.

Is it possible? Maybe. In the past week I have gotten a lot of pre-planning done for the next 4 weeks of school, and have had at least 30 minutes to practice at school at least twice in the past week (not much, but still better than nothing!) Also, I will have access to my computer for the entire month, something I missed out on during the week I was in Los Encinitos. AND, I won't be planning to be away from school for a week, or having to make up for missing a week of school during that time, which means I can stay ahead, and maybe even pre-plan for my lessons after break...

Ultimately, I can continue with my Rosetta Stone once I am in the States for Christmas, but I don't plan to take ANY school stuff home with me...too heavy, for one, and I'd rather spend time with my new niece or nephew and other friends and family members instead of Ancient China or the European Explorers...crazy, I know ;).

At any rate, I will try to reach my goal, and let you know how close I come to success... :)

Hopefully I will get in a bit of practice this weekend, as we have Thursday and Friday off of school for Thanksgiving! This is our first major holiday (besides my birthday, of course) that we will celebrate away from family...I think this is actually the first time I've celebrated a major holiday without any family at all (except for Chris, of course.) I have been out of the country for Thanksgiving twice, once when my grandma and I were visiting my sister in Spain (we flew home on Thanksgiving) and the other when I was living in London during college (my dad and brother flew over to spend the holiday with me.) We were invited over to some friends' house, so we have someone to spend the day with, at least. :)

Also, a bit of fun news, we were recognized from the blog the other day...I wondered if it might happen eventually, but it was really fun to have someone say "Hi" and to talk about the blog. Readers in Teguc, you are certainly welcome to say hi if you see us out and about...we love meeting our readers! :)

So, that's what's happening this week...I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and/or Thursday of this week! :)

Gobble gobble,


  1. That was me that said 'hi' in Jetstereo the other Saturday. Trust you enjoyed Harry Potter as much as we did...

    How do you like the Rosetta Stone? I bought i five levels of Latin American Spanish, and am currently on level 2 lesson 4. I'll eventually finish. I think the program is really good, so I bought the French one for my kids.

    take care and keep on bloggin...

  2. Hi Don!

    Yes, we very much enjoyed the movie. I have read the books about a million times each, but Chris hasn't...he had the fewest questions about this movie because everything was explained so thoroughly. I am looking forward to the last one next summer...

    I like Rosetta Stone for the vocabulary and for the pronunciation. I think I say things with a much better accent when I have head them and practiced them with RS (which, if you think about it, makes sense). I think it lacks a little with the conversational aspect because they only let you say what they want you to say, but overall I recommend it to people when they ask. We also have all 5 levels, and I am just over halfway done with level 3...my goal would be to finish it by next July (you'd think I'd be able to do that, but I've been working for just under a year and...we'll see :)

    Thanks for checking back in with the blog, and for saying hi at the mall. It really made our day :)



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