Sunday, March 6, 2011

Motifs #4 (an oops!) and #5 (almost perfect, but not quite!) Bookmarks!

Kristen says...

Oh look, if you see the date the "U.S." way, it's our wedding anniversary!! (But it's sisters both got married in March, Chris and I got married in June).

Anyway...I have been doing a bit more tatting this weekend. After creating the da-lily from a few weeks ago I realized that it had been a long time since I'd tatted anything with color in it. I found some REALLY nice off-white thread down here that is pretty cheap for a large roll, so I've been using it a lot lately. (I think all my previous motifs (except the hat band and I guess the cross bookmark, which I made back in October) used it, even the lily part of the da-lily.) I decided I needed a little more color in my tatting life...and was helped out in this endeavour by finding a little tatting gem in downtown Tegucigalpa...for a whopping $5.25 (105 Lempira) I got all this:
Yep. 21 rolls of thread, 5 lempira (25 cents) each!

I don't think it's terribly high quality, but at 25 cents a roll, you can't beat it!! The other store I usually shop at (and get those big off-white rolls) charge 12-16 Lempira, or less than 50 cents/roll...still not bad!

Also, I recently subscribed to and got a link to all the old patterns from I really like to read, and I really like to make bookmarks, and, after a long week of teaching and trying to stay one step ahead of the middle schoolers, I really really like the "mindless simplicity" of ring, chain, ring, I decided to tackle this Bookmark motif.

The first time I totally messed it up...apparently I got too caught up in the tatting and not caught up enough on the I decided to make lemons out of lemonaide and do something with it...the ribbon was 10 Lps for 3 yards...
And then I decided to do it over...almost right this time. Here's where I started making errors the first time: And here's the first and second attempts, close-up:
Notice I actually did it right the second time!!

Once the second part was done correctly (finally!) I added a second round in this lovely shade of gray I found downtown...(haha did I say I was going for color this time around? Because gray and dusty blue are colors...right?)
I say this second version is almost perfect because I didn't realize (or read) the directions that said to make the chains around the edge 5 - 5 instead of the 4 - 4 of the rest of the one of the ends is a little tight, but I've decided to use that as the top part, so it works...

I also made it a little longer than the directions say...I like long bookmarks (I found a piece of plastic that is, to me, the perfect length/thickness for a's motif #5 next to the bookmark length plastic...on top of the book ("At Home" by Bill Bryson) I finally finished today!
It's been a really productive weekend! (Well, except for school stuff...I didn't do much of that at all!)

I also dusted off the camera a bit...I received some lovely yellow roses at school this week, and brought them home for the weekend...I didn't really have a vase here, so I used Chris' stemless wine glass and a tea cup...these were two of my favorite shots:

On the non-tatting front, Chris and I are headed out with the 6th graders to the Copán Ruins this there will be no blog posts late in the week, but I hope a large amount of pictures early next week (once I have recovered!!) :)



  1. Great job on all the tatting -- even the early "tries," as they are improvisations -- creative opportunities!

    have you tried the Stumpy bookmark? It can be tatted longer with no trouble.

  2. I haven't but I'm going to!! What a beautiful pattern! Thanks! :)

  3. Enjoy the ruins. We'll have to find another time to meet up. I hardly get to the Tegucigalpa area and it's long to get here in Copán from Teguz.

  4. Nice bookmarks! Most people won't notice the mistakes unless told-I didn't! :)

  5. Hi Kristen-
    The bookmarks are beautiful. I'd like one in a dark purple! Maybe I'll come down there to get it, too!

    Love you!

    Mom XXOO


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