Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So, We Went to Copán...and I took A LOT of pictures!!!

Kristen says...

Happy Anniversary (sister) Rebecca and (brother-in-law) Jay (parents of Ezra)!!!

So, we went to Copán, and had a GREAT TIME!!
We left at 7:00(ish) on Wednesday (the traffic is pretty bad around here at that time of the morning, so a few of our troop were late) with 6 adults and 5 students (nice ratio, don't you think?) and picked up another adult and student in a small town an hour outside of town (we decided it was silly for them to drive an hour into town just to turn around and drive basically just past their house on the way to Copán so...)

The first part of the trip (once you get outside of Tegucigalpa and past the road construction) is really nice...wide road, nice pavement, you can really fly. We stopped once for the bathroom and some snacks, then again at a roadside buffet place for a pretty typical lunch (I had a potato with some weird cream sauce, a HUGE hunk of watermelon, some rice, cheese, and delicious pickled onions and carrots, plus tortillas) and to stretch our legs, then got back into the van (did I mention it's like an 8-hour trip?!)

We stopped once more, in the afternoon, but the rest of the trip I basically passed reading or listening to audio books (or snoozing, much to the surprise of my students who seemed determined to make as much noise as possible in the back of the bus). The last hour+ of the trip was VERY windy road, with plenty of potholes, so I was excessively happy to find myself inside the "city" of Copán Ruinas and at the door of our hotel, the Marina Copán:

We got all checked in, then relaxed a bit while the kids hit the pool. Then we went out for dinner at a new local restuarant called Mama Mia... I can recommend the ambiance and the pizza, but the weird wooden plates left something to be desired...in perceived cleanliness at least...

After the large meal and the l-o-n-g bus ride, we all basically went back to the hotel and crashed. The next morning we ate our continental breakfast (either Americano, Tipico (Honduran) or Pancakes), then off we went to the Mayan Ruins!

Here are some of my favorite pics (remember, if you want to see them larger, all you have to do is click on them!)

<-Chris with a Stela Carving detail ->

LH: Building

RH: Stela detail (with original Mayan paint)

Below: A Mayan Pyramid and a face-less face

We also visited the museum where a lot of the original (moveable) Mayan artifacts are found:

<- Bird with fish

Can you find the Mayans? ->

<-Not sure that's authentic!

Hugs and kisses (or is it kisses and hugs?) from Honduras! ->

We also saw a bunch of really neat wildlife around the ruins, including spiny ceiba trees, bromilia, macaws, and even a squirrel!!

The next day we went to the Casa K'inich Museum and the Macaw Mountain bird park...

We also did some shopping!! One of the things we got was this really neat mask, which I actually took a picture of (center below) the night before we saw its inspiration at the ruinas...

We did so many other things, and I took so many other pictures, but I feel like this post is going to take forever for you to load and view as it is, so I will stop here...

Maybe someday when it's a slow blog time I will upload more...or you can check out the 50+ that Chris uploaded to Flikr on the LH side of your screen (sorry if there are duplicates...he is uploading them as I write this.)


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