Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I got to go to the Iowa State Fair!!

Kristen says...


For the past two weeks I have been in Iowa visiting the Iowa State Fair (first time in 3 years!!) and seeing my little brother get married and quite often wishing I had the ability to update my blog like I do my Facebook...only this evening did it pop into my head to get a Blogger app! Yay!

So hopefully I will be able to update this a bit more often!

As I said, I decamped from the DC area for a few weeks because I've been promising myself that if I were in the continental US I would go to the Iowa State Fair, no matter what. I've talked about the Fair before but have not been since the blog was started, which is a MAJOR bummer because I LOVE the Fair!

I mean, who wouldn't with great stuff like this:
Chocolate-dipped chocolate chip cookie dough on a stick!

My nephew AND a Fair Square!

A chocolate moose!

A huge pumpkin!

Cotton candy!
A red ribbon!

Weird vegetables!

Cast your kernel for the president!
And more! There is also horseshoe throwing, a cow made of butter, big pigs, cows, and rams, baby animals being born, acres of campers, 57 foods on a stick, basically anything you can think of is at the Fair!!! I went 6 of the 10 days and REALLY enjoyed myself. It is one of the 1000 Things to See Before You Die...  :)

Chris was not able to join me at the Fair because he had classes (sniff), but he did fly out to Omaha and then drive 6 hours to join me for my brother Timothy's wedding! My whole family went to Valentine, Nebraska to celebrate the occasion.
This was the view from my seat at the ceremony

Cutest ring bearers EVER!!

Katie and Timothy!

I missed Chris!

My entire family!
 It was a great two weeks, but it's nice to be back in DCland and back to focusing on our upcoming adventure! I start Russian language classes in just a few weeks!


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