Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Driving Tour of the City

Kristen says...

Before you get too excited, no we were not the ones driving...our car will be here soon, but for now we are dependent on the wheels of others. Le sigh. :)

This past weekend we were invited by one of Chris' co-workers out for a late lunch/early dinner at an American-sounding restaurant called the Vlad Motor Inn.

First, though, we went on a short walk to tire Pip out so he could be happy in his kennel while we were gone.
I saw this flying away in the snow, and wanted to prove it...meat (crab) flavored chips! Eww! :)
We let Pip off the leash so he could run around in the park
Our local park in the snow :)
When we were picked up for lunch we were given the choice to go straight to the restaurant or take a detour on our first driving tour of the city. Since it was only 3pm, we opted for the drive. It was nice to "widen our circle" as I have heard it called, and see some of the sights in the bargain.

First we drove down to the waterfront, where we saw a newly-created pedestrian and park area...and this:
It's the groom car...

And the bride! :)
Later we saw the wedding rings (silver car with the purple bow). The couple (or a couple) had apparently stopped to have their picture taken in front of one of two other Vladi-sights, the submarine (green on the left) and the WWII Memorial (gold dome on the right).

 After our riverfront drive we went across two suspension of which is the longest suspension bridge (of that type) in the world!
Notice the cables are painted red, white and blue, like the Russian Flag
 We also saw some nicely painted buildings...
These were painted for APEC
And we saw the University where APEC was held (and continues to be held)
 Some other sights seen while driving:
We have had a lot of snow recently...and I finally saw a "snowplow!"
I'm sure Bruce Willis knows his likeness is being used to promote a bank in Russia? ;)
Later we arrived at the Vlad Motor Inn, a nice hotel/restaurant originally started by a Canadian

 I was going to take the safe route and order pizza, but it was going to take 1/2 hour to bake, so I opted to have my first bowl of Russian borscht, which was very good. I was surprised how rich it was, and beefy. The white stuff was sour cream, and the two little buns were advertised as Russian doughnuts. It was all very good, and I will definitely order it again. :)
 When we were on our way home we came across something very reminiscent of Honduras...a pot-holey road! (Of course, the snow was very NOT Honduran!)
 Home has seen some more changes in the past week...the Maisey Room is now completely papered and very pretty!

 We also got a new rug for when you come in the front's the little things :)

 Finally, last night we were treated to another sight reminiscent of Honduras, a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l sunset!

Life is good, my friends

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