Monday, February 25, 2013


Chris says...

Long, long time since my last post. But here I am with a few things to say...

First impressions a month or so in (in no particular order):

Traveling with a dog is a pain.
-It is unreal how anxious/nervous traveling with a pet in cargo is. I wouldn't have it any other way (most days), but the airlines would do all pet owners a real service if they provided some kind of update on your pet throughout long flights. Better yet, someone needs to invent the thing from Star Trek that beams you someplace in an instant.

Language, language, language.
-I'm in the familiar position (unfortunately) of being in a foreign country without a great knowledge of the language. Lesson learned from Honduras is to get a tutor early, and stick to it...and we're doing just that.

-One of my favorite things about Vladivostok so far! It is beautiful outside, bright and sunny! I've been told this will change in the spring/summer as fog will become more common. But, for now loving the sun!

It is furry around here.
-I don't think I've ever seen so much animal fur. Its shocking when you walk around the city and see all these women with beautiful fur coats on. Young women, old women - it doesn't matter. Very different from Iowa...and the US in general I think. I'm sure we'll have pictures sometime soon...

I'm not the only gringo.
-I'm not the only tall caucasian around. I don't know if I blogged about this in Honduras - but I was regularly one of the tallest people in any social gathering with locals. That didn't bother me in Honduras, its just something I noticed. Here, I don't stick out because of my height or complexion - but my language ability and American style of dress.

Opportunities abound...
-On the work subject, there is much good work to be done. Plenty of opportunities for Kristen and I to grow personally and professionally. I'm happy we made the decision we did. I'm still getting my feet wet at work, hopefully I'll be swimming laps in another couple months!

Traveling is great, but its even better when you have a loved one to enjoy the experience with you.
-I really don't know where I would be or what I'd be doing if Kristen wasn't with me to enjoy this experience (life). Words don't and can't do it justice...I am the best me when I am around her, and I'm glad we're experiencing all this together.

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  1. awwww! glad to hear your side of the story! i don't get to chat with you quite as often due to the time difference and i'm definitely missing out. maybe we can make a weekend chat happen sometime soon.:)


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