Friday, February 13, 2015

Greetings From Sydney!

Kristen says...

G'day from Down Under!!

After a (surprisingly palatable) 15 hour flight (which included HOURS-long stretches with the "fasten-your-seatbelt/you-cannot-get-up/there-might-be-turbulence-sometime/oh-wait-just-kidding-about-that-turbulence/hope-you-didn't-wet-your-pants" time) we have arrived in Sydney and have already ventured forth to soak up some of the lovely summer sun!

We started off wandering down to Sydney Harbor:
Helloooo, Sydney Opera House!!
That is a large cruise ship!
Then we wandered up toward the Sydney Observatory
And enjoyed the view of the back aide of the bridge
We have also seen a small amount of wildlife...mostly birds
No scary snakes or spiders yet (no kangaroos, either!) but this statue celebrating pioneer women in Australia is covered in spider I know they're here, somewhere!!

More soon...after we have a nap!


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