Friday, February 13, 2015

More from Sydney...Wildlife and Culture

Kristen says...

Happy Friday the 13th! Hopefully bad luck leaves you alone today!

We are having such a lovely time here in Sydney! The weather has been amazing, and so have the sights!

Yesterday we traveled to suburbia to have our first up close and personal experiences with some uniquely Australian animals...
Check this off Chris' bucket list! Cuddling with a koala!
Petting a wombat
My buddy the wallaby
Chris and this kangaroo really bonded

Today we had a semi-close encounter with an Australian animal of a different kind at Manly beach...yikes!
I was in the water when the shark siren went off...eek!!!

We have also been taking part in some cultural events, including an early morning tour of the Sydney Opera House

We are having such a great time!



  1. So pleased to see you've arrived safely but there's no need to make me jealous with all that sun and wonderful views.

    1. You know you are always welcome to come visit... :)


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